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With a big match ahead of him tomorrow, Vikto “Isildur1” Blom hit a few tables, apparently to warm up before battling Elky, one of the greatest tournament players of all time.

Luck was on Bloms side as his final numbers for the day showed a $161k profit playing 2-7 TD and FLO8. SallyWoo was crushed by Blom at the FLO8 tables with them going head to head 3 times during the day.
At another FLO8 table Blom faced off against several opponents, including high stakes pro Kyle “KPR16” Ray and none other than Phil Ivey. However, Blom came out on top again with almost $90K in profit. Here are the most interesting hands and biggest pots from of that session:


The river was very kind to Blom in big pots as several times he caught ideal cards to scoop both the high and the low.

In a hand with Phil Ivey with blinds being $1000/$2000, Isildur1 raised the button and got a call from Phil on the big blind. The flop came out As5dQc, Ivey checked and Blom put in another bet which was called by Ivey. The turn was the 8s giving Blom the second nut low and Ivey checked again. Blom lead out with another bet but this time Ivey raised him and Blom just called. Blom most likely made the right move, since he was only drawing to a high and the second nut low can be sketchy, so raising Phil Ivey in this situation may lead to bad consequences unless the river is pure gold. And the river was in fact pure gold for Blom as it brought a 3s giving him a flush as well as the nut low. Ivey continued his line with another bet and Blom managed to squeeze one more bet out of him as a 45K pot was shipped his way.

At another 2-7 Triple Draw table Blom faced off against his fellow Pro Gus Hansen as well as French Pro Sebastien “Seb86” Sabic, “Samrostan” and “Follow The Hawk”:


A very interesting pot was played between Blom, Sebastien and Samrostan. When the table was 4-handed Sebastien opened the action from under the gun to $3000. Blom being right behind him re-raised to $4500 and Samrostan raised it to $6000 capping the betting. Both Sebastien and Blom called creating a 20K pot before the first draw. Blom and Samrostan had pretty decent stack with 66K and 77K respectively, but Sebastien was down to his last 13K, so this was a make or break pot for him. His chanced seemed to be slim after he discarded 3 cards while Blom and Samrostan discarded one each. Samrostan and Sebastien checked after the first draw and Blom put in another bet which was called by both. This time Sebastien discarded 2 cards while Blom and Samrostan again discarded one each. It was checked again to Blom and he fired another bet of $3000. This time Samrostan raised him to $6000 and Sebastien put in another raise right behind him making it $9000. It looked like a big pot might be shipped Sebastiens way as both Blom and Samrostan did not cap the betting and called. Sebastien had less than a big bet behind and it was surely going in on the river. Nevertheless , Samrostan and Sebastien checked the river and both folded to another bet from Blom… Looks like Sebastien felt like hitting the 5/10 tables for his last $2,730.

So over the past week Blom is up almost $1.3m, let’s hope the success he had recently translates well to his heads up matches with Elky!

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