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The saga of Isildur1 continues unabated at the nosebleed stakes on Full Tilt Poker. All the Big Game regulars have taken a shot at this unknown Swede, with millions of dollars changing hands nightly. Currently he appears to be getting the better of his many opponents, although a few pros have discovered a way to consistently win.

It should come as no surprise to hear that the man with the most success against Isildur1 is Phil Ivey. The 7-time bracelet winner is famed for his ability to adapt his game depending on which players he faces. So far, he is one of the few pros able to effectively counter Isildur’s strategy. Since completing the WSOP final table, Ivey hasn’t been as prevalent as usual at Full Tilt’s high-stakes tables, but it seems that no big player can resist taking a shot at Isildur. The past Wednesday the pair tangled on two $500/$1000 NLHE tables. In just 3 hours, Ivey managed to pry around $900,000 from Isildur and on Thursday it took Phil just 700 hands to win $705,000.

Also on Thursday night, Isildur faced off against his other nemesis. In their previous conflict, Isildur and Patrik Antonius set the record for the largest ever pot in online poker history at $878,958. After a lengthy conflict, the Finn had taken $3 million from his opponent. Their latest encounter was not so volatile, but still resulted in a $437,000 victory for Antonius over almost 2,000 hands.

Despite these setbacks, Isildur is still up around $3 million over the past month. This is no doubt thanks to the many willing donors who have stepped up and contributed to his bankroll. One of the his most consistent benefactors is Tom Dwan, who is having a fairly shaky year online. Dwan celebrated his newly inked Full Tilt sponsorship by playing a spot of $500/$1000 PLO against Isildur. Despite sitting on a $1.5 million advantage at one stage, durrr lost it all and ended up $160,000 down. At least Tom could console himself by wiping the floor with Sammy George in the live version of his durrrr Challenge; just concluded in London.

Isildur’s list of conquests reads like a who’s who of Full Tilt regulars. David Benyamine and Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies have lost $1 million and $1.5 million to Isildur respectively in the past few days. He is proving to be the ultimate game catalyst, with players flocking in from far and wide to take their shot at online poker’s most exciting new star. You can take a look at the action for yourself, by joining the many railbirds on Full Tilt. Watching Isildur, you’re almost guaranteed to pots in the hundreds of thousands, multiple times a night.