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Tournament players have been waiting all year for the biggest online tournament series on Earth and it is finally here. The World Championship of Online Poker, or WCOOP, has begun. As usual, FlopTurnRiver will be updating its members on all of the WCOOP’s biggest events. The WCOOP features the biggest tournament guarantees as seen in Event 3. This event was a $200 + $15 buy-in No Limit Hold ‘Em tournament with a $2 million guarantee.

The low buy-in and huge guarantee produced the biggest player field of all day 1 events, with 12,066 grinders registering to play. The $2,413,200 prize pool eclipsed the $2 million guarantee. With the field this large, it took quite a while for the money bubble to burst. Mwasta666 was the dreaded bubble boy finishing in 1,531st place. The other players were guaranteed a minimum payout of $361.98. Many Team PokerStars Pros made the money including George “Jorj95” Lind, Andre “aakkari” Akkari, and Martha “marene” Herrera who was the last Team PokerStars Pro to be sent to the rail in 53rd place winning $3,740.46.

The final table was set after hotshotss21 burst the final table bubble in tenth place for $10,135.44. The final table was ready to be played by level 42 at the tournament (80K/160K with 20K antes) and broke down in the following way:

Seat 1 – jampiriki – 6,817,011
Seat 2 – Bdbeatslayer – 6,972,227
Seat 3 – i need bond$ – 8,997,220
Seat 4 – binhoeiji – $13,135,436
Seat 5 – Twinshark – 10,972,400
Seat 6 – Iteopepe88 – 19,968,840
Seat 7 – joao bauer – 11,768,624
Seat 8 – cmpjo – 29,726,018
Seat 9 – Aleskei 1990 – 12,302,224

With stacks still large relative to the blinds, it took quite a while to get down to heads-up play. It finally began when Iteopepe88 busted in third place holding Ad5h against the dominating AhJd of joao bauer. The Js3sJh flop gave joao bauer trips and the 3d on the turn sealed Iteopepe88’s fate. He lost the tournament in third place collecting $168,924 for his efforts.

Heads up play began between joao bauer with 89,632,684 chips and cmpjo with 31,027,316 chips. Two hands into heads-up play, the two struck a deal that would guarantee joao bauer $276,702.37 and cmpjo $260,298.79. The eventual winner would win an extra $40,000. cmpjo couldn’t overcome his almost two-to-one deficit. In his last hand, he three-bet with 6d4s and was called by cmpjo. He continuation bet the 5cJd4h flop with a pair of fours and was called. Joao bauer led the 7c turn and cmpjo called only to find himself behind joao bauer’s pair of sevens. The 9s on the river was of no help and cmpjo was gone in second place. After 19.5 hours of work, cmpjo won $260,298.79 while joao bauer won $316,702.37 and a gold WCOOP bracelet for his win. Congratulations to all players!

2010 WCOOP Event 3 Results:
1st – joao bauer – $316,702.37
2nd – cmpjo – $260,298.79
3rd – Iteopepe88 – $168,924
4th – I need bond$ – $120,660
5th – Twinshark – $96,528
6th – Aleskei1990 – $72,396
7th – binhoeiji – $48,264
8th – jampiriki – $24,132
9th – Bdbeatslayer – $15,203.16