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Kahnawake Gaming Commission has issued what looks to be the finalized report concerning the ongoing investigation of a cheating scandal on Absolute Poker. When these events became public, KGC commissioned Gaming Associates to conduct a 10 week long investigation and to report back to KGC with their findings. Now, nearly a month after Gaming Associates reported their findings, KGC has issued their report along with a $500,000 fine imposed on Absolute Poker.

Beginning on August 14th 2007, and over a 6 week period, player accounts were used to cheat other players in games on Absolute Poker using software that enabled these players to see their opponents hole cards.

One of the main goals during the investigation was to ascertain which players may have been affected by the 6 week long cheating scandal and to reimburse them accordingly. It was also important during the investigation to discover precisely what happened and to take measures that would never allow it to reoccur. The report states that this process was considerably slowed due to the deletion of pertinent logs and records. It goes on to say that Absolute Poker offered complete cooperation and that their efforts were appreciated.

While the report shies away from releasing any names regarding who was responsible, it’s clear they were closely knitted in Absolute Poker’s operations. The report also fails to mention total compensation, or precise details as to how the cheating took place. While it doesn’t mention those specifically behind the operation, the report does state the seven accounts used:

• Graycat
• Payup
• SteamRoller
• PotRipper
• XXCashMoneyXX aka SuperCardM55
• DoubleDrag
• RonfalcoXXB aka Romnaldo

The investigation found no evidence to assume Absolute Poker was behind the scandal and merely trying to cover it up. The cheating did not benefit AP in any way. This does not leave AP without any fault, however. After all, Absolute Poker didn’t even notify the Kahnawake Gaming Commission within 24hrs of knowing the unfair play took place. The report states that Absolute Poker has now taken the necessary steps to ensure this does not happen again.

Along with the fine, KGC has also imposed 3 other sanctions on Absolute Poker:

  1. For the next 2 years Absolute Poker will be subject to random audits at their own expense. If the results of any of these audits find that AP has breached any provisions, Absolute Poker’s license may be suspended or revoked. The Commission will direct AP to “implement a continuous compliance program and other remedial measures” and all person(s) responsible will have to be permanently removed from “mind or management and/or operations and proof, satisfactory to the Commission.”
  2. 60 days to pay in full a fine of $500.000.00
  3. To post a security deposit set by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission to be held for two years to be used to off set any future expenses due to breaches of the Kahnawake Gaming Law or any other provisions.
  4. Absolute Poker must pay all costs associated to the investigation

Only time will tell if Absolute Poker will be able to rise from one of the worst cheating scandals of Internet Poker to build back any trust lost from the online poker community.