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Broadway Tables is looking to change the way new players approach online poker. Most poker rooms reward their new players with a deposit bonus; nothing more, nothing less. New players make their deposit and blindly play at stakes that are too high for their bankroll against players with a lot more experience than them. However, new players that sign up with Broadway Tables will not only get that initial deposit bonus (an 110% bonus worth up to $600), but they will receive a poker education with Broadway Tables’ Long Term Poker system.

Long Term Poker is a poker education geared towards players new to the online poker scene. The developer of Long Term Poker, fsuplayer, has made more than $1 million through online poker. Long Term Poker, or LTP, is a comprehensive program that will teach new players to win consistently. The three major pillars of the LTP program are multi-tabling, bankroll management, and self-discipline.

The three major pillars are defined very simply at LTP. Playing multiple tables means players must drop down to a lower level than they usually would play when playing a single table. While multi-tabling, players must practice good bankroll management to ensure they have enough money to survive poker for years to come. This requires self-discipline and an understanding that poker should be played to win money, not just for entertainment value.

Players that sign up for Long Term Poker will receive a ton of material that is guaranteed to improve their poker game. These materials consist of written lessons, videos, and live online seminars. The written lessons will provide the foundation to make the best decisions at the poker table while the videos will demonstrate these lessons in real-time. The live online seminars allow players to ask questions and learn the latest in online poker strategy and techniques.

The best part of Long Term Poker is that it is totally free. Additionally, Broadway Tables is part of the Cake Network which means it accepts American players. New players simply need to open an account with Broadway Tables and deposit at least $100 to gain access to this one-of-a-kind poker education. In addition to the Long Term Poker program, new players are eligible for Broadway Tables’ huge 110% initial deposit bonus worth up to $600 and 33% rakeback. Simply use the signup code FTR600 when creating an account and the lifetime rakeback is yours! This is perhaps the best online poker deal we’ve seen in a long time!