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The world’s biggest online tournament series, the World Championship of Online Poker, is underway! Welcome to the WCOOP 2011, which features 62 events, and over $30 Million in guaranteed prizes! The WCOOP features players from all around the world, battling it out for fame, fortune, and sick amounts of action!

WCOOP 2011 Event #1 was 6-max, $215 entry, with a $1 Million guarantee. Event #1 featured 7500 entrants and was a two day tournament. 960 players made the money. Event #1 champion and the first winner of a 2011 bracelet is Belgian poker pro LOL_U_91, who wins $211,000 for first place.

The most well known pro to make a deep run was Team PokerStars Pro and English model Live Boeree, who finished in 18th place after pulling through day one as the short stack. Hovering around 37th place on day two, Boeree doubled up several times, at one point occupying 5th place with roughly 30 players remaining. After going on a dry spell, Boeree got it all in with 88 for 3.5 Million against AK to get knocked out. For 18th place she wins a prize of $9,000. Rumor has it that Boeree, who’s made the list of hottest women in poker, is in the works on a documentary about her life. Constantly making deep runs in big tournaments, Boeree never ceases to show us that she’s both beautiful and deadly.

Taking second place was Fisherman903 from Holland, who wins $171,500. Fisherman903 surged late. After knocking out Boeree in 18th, he proceeded to knock out QBgoose in 13th and AntiTop1 in 10th. Fisherman903 then won an 8 Million pot against, lol_u_91, with pocket ten’s holding up against pocket fives. After winning 4 Million more with QJ outrunning AK all in preflop, Fisherman903 held the big stack at the six person final table with 34.4 Million.

Heads up action, it came down to Fisherman903 against LOL_U_91, who held a slight chip lead. Fisherman903 kept asking for a deal, presumably because he either didn’t want to deal with the variance, or he wasn’t excited about the prospect of a long heads up session. LOL_U_91 held out for a better deal, until finally they struck a deal where LOL_U_91 won $190,000, Fisherman903 won $171,500, with an extra $20,000 and the bracelet going to the winner.

Not long after, all the money went in on a flop of K Q 10, with Fisherman903 holding K10 for two pair versus LOL_U_91 with J9 for the straight! LOL_U_91 held up with the flopped straight to take down the pot and the WCOOP 2011 Event #1 Championship!

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Final Table Places & Payouts:
1st place: LOL_U_91 (Belgium) – $211,000*
2nd place: Fisherman903 (Netherlands) – $171,500*
3rd place: Mrazeg (Russia) – $112,500
4th place: Dimka19881 (Russia) – $67,500
5th place: BrightStripe (Austria) – $37,500
6th place: China_White1 (Belgium) – $22,500