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This tournament featured a solid $500 buyin and 382 players sat down to play. The tournament spanned two days and 373 were eliminated on day one. When the second day started with the remaining 9 players things got a little interesting.

Final table chip counts are a follows:

Seat 1: Elizabeth Grey-Pardo 175,000
Seat 2: Chris Reslock 208,000
Seat 3: Frank Passantino 266,000
Seat 4: Matt “All In” Stout 464,000
Seat 5: David Godfrey 70,000
Seat 6: Steve Merrifield 110,000
Seat 7: B. Batkhuu 79,000
Seat 8: Thomas Kim 320,000
Seat 9: Lou Esposito 194,000
After some fast elimination there were only three players left, those players being Chris Reslock, Matt Stout and Thomas Kim. Stout left Reslock in third place with a solid K7 beating A5.

Finally things got a little heated when Kim and Stout went for it heads up. They went at it for 55 minutes and saw few flops. Few chips changed hands at this time as well. Eventually Stout was dealt AQ and Kim calls with JJ. On the turn Stout got a queen, and an ace on the river giving Stout first place.

Overall it was a pretty exciting tournament and I’m happy Stout gets to further his poker playing career. Let’s hope the rest of the WSOP is as exciting as this tournament turned out to be.