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Most poker fans know Michael Mizrachi as “The Grinder.” He has been featured on High Stakes Poker and is one of the world’s best at online poker. He has earned over $6.7 million from live tournaments and an unknown amount in online games. However, The Grinder has hit some tough times.

The 29-year old Mizrachi owes $339,000 in unpaid income tax and has been ordered by the government to sell his home in Florida as well as his home in Miramar to cover his bill. Records show that his home in Florida was in an online auction last week while his Miramar home will be up for grabs this coming week. Mizrachi has said his money woes were due to a bad accountant who mismanaged his funds. “They were doing a bad job. I’m working on settling the liens,” Mizrachi commented.

Mizrachi is a poker professional for Team along with Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke.