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English professional poker player, Neil Channing, managed to outlast a field of 667 players as he blitzed his way to winning the 2008 Irish Open held at Dublin’s City West Hotel, taking home Euros 801,400 ($1,260,000 USD). 

Channing was rampant, as he entered the final table as a massive chip leader with $2.75 million chips out of the $6.67 million chips in play, giving him a huge chip lead.  At this stage, Channing used his chip stack perfectly, applying the pressure at the right times where he managed to eliminate all but one player (Edwin Tournier) on the final table.

Channing found himself heads-up against local favorite, Donal Norton, holding a 2-1 chip lead.  In a crucial hand, Norton held J-8, landing trips with the board.  Unfortunately for Norton, Channing held K-8 which ultimately crippled Norton.

Eventually Norton found himself having to push all-in with pocket fives preflop on the small blind, only to be called by Channing with A-9 where the flop came
Q-A-10, with the turn a K and the river was an A, giving Channing trip Aces and the Irish Open Championship.

This was a mammoth win for Channing, giving him the largest pay day of his career.  The field consisted of some big names, including Doyle Brunson, Andy Black, Roland De Wolfe and David ‘Devilfish’ Ulliot. 

The top 6 standings for the Irish Open 2008:

1. Neil Channing (London, United Kingdom)- Euros 801,400 ($1,260,000 USD)
2. Donal Norton (Tipperary, Ireland)- Euros 420,000 ($660kUSD)
3. Thomas Dun Woodie (Newcastle, United Kingdom)- Euros 275,000 ($432k USD)
4. Tim Blake (Wansford, United Kingdom)- Euros 220,000 (346K USD) 
5. Kai Paulson (Trondheim, Norway) – Euros 220,000 ($275K USD)
6. Edwin Tournier (Netherlands)- Euros 135,000 ($212K USD)