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The majority of movies that Hollywood has made about the game of poker have been pretty big disasters.  Often these films not only fail at the box office but they also fail to capture the essence of the game itself.  Well the movie industry is preparing to take another crack at a poker flick in the form of a documentary this time.

This film will be called “Pass the Sugar” and is to be directed by the same person who did the movie “Deal” in Gil Cates Jr.  Cates has also directed “Life After Tomorrow” and “A Midsummer Night’s Rave”.

According to news reports, “Pass the Sugar” is supposed to chronicle the 2005 World Series of Poker which was won by Australian (via Lebanon) player Joe Hachem. 

Many people are wondering if a poker movie in the form of a documentary will be a lot more successful than some of the previous attempts including Cates’ “Deal”.  The Cates-directed Deal hasn’t been a total flop but it didn’t receive real good reviews either.

Guest celebrities who are set to be in this documentary include Jose Canseco and Jennifer Tilly.  Also Tony Hachem, who is the brother of Joe Hachem, is going to produce the movie along with Australian company Stack Exchange.