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Rafa Plays in the Bath

Rafa Plays in the Bath

PokerStars has launched a new TV advertising campaign starring the 11 time Grand Slam winning Rafa Nadal.

The ad revolves around a battle between Rafa, and a good looking young lady sat in a library. Rafa shows off his well known competitive streak, as well as a nice chest, while playing on a tablet in the bath. The concept is that anyone can play poker, and play anywhere, and still play against the big names.



“You can’t simply turn up at a tennis tournament and expect to play against Rafa Nadal,” said Alex Payne, PokerStars Chief Marketing Officer. “But if you’re over 18 years old you can register to play on PokerStars and have the opportunity to compete against Rafa and other high-profile athletes from the comfort of your own home,”



You can see if you can play against Rafa at the PokerStars tables, although we can’t guarantee he’s playing while in the bath. All you need is a PokerStars account, and if you signup using the Marketing Code “FLOPTURNRIVER” you can get lots of extra value by playing in our regular Money Added FTR exclusive tournaments. Just Click here to signup for your PokerStars account, and use the Bonus Code “STARS400” to get a first time deposit bonus of up to $600