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We all have a bit of gamble in us, and pretty much everybody enjoys the thrill of winning big money. For many of us the trip to our neatest casino is a long one, but thanks to the rise in online casinos this is no longer a problem. Rushmore Casino is among the greatest of such online casinos, due in part to the fantastic promotions they run, the latest of which is sure to get the hearts of slots fans racing, as it is the introduction of daily Slots Tournaments at Rushmore Casino.

Rushmore Casino is one of the more popular sites to play online, which speaks as a testament to the great software and excellent customer support they have on offer. They’re also one of the few casinos on the internet which still accepts players from within the United States, so if you live in the US and are a fan of any casino game from blackjack to craps to slots then Rushmore almost certainly has you covered.

If you’re anything like me then the idea of a slots tournament probably struck you as a fairly bizarre concept when you first heard it, but the basic format is pretty simple. Players each put up a fee, and in return are given a number of credits. They must spin all of these starting credits, trying to win as much as they can. Credits that you win aren’t respun, but rather are kept track of separately, and this is your score. When everybody has spun enough to wager through the entirety of their starting credits (there is often a set time period for this), the scores are compared and the players with the highest score receives a payout from the prize pool of entry fees.

Rushmore does things a little differently, by having slots tournaments comprised of a series of “heats.” This means that you have more than one chance where you are given starting credits and must accumulate as many winning credits as you can, but there’s a slight catch in that to move onto the next heat you must be at least $1 up on your starting credits, so one bad performance in a heat will send you to the rail while other players progress further getting closer and closer to the prize pool.

They offer these slots tournaments at a range of buyins, from as little as $1.10 right up the scale to more expensive – but more lucrative – events. There should be something for everybody’s budget there, so there’s no need for you to worry about being excluded. They’ve even been known to hold massive freeroll slots tournaments with no entry fee whatsoever, so keep your eyes peeled and your ear to the ground in case one of these is on the horizon.

Slots Tournaments are a great way to add a competitive edge to what is otherwise a single-player game, and Rushmore has a history of doing things right, with their tournaments being no exception. If you fancy a bit of fun, competition and the chance to walk away a really big winner, then head over to the site now and start taking part!