It’s time for another weekly installment of the Ongame Leaderboard, as there has been yet another huge week of activity! Without further ado, let’s first take a look back at last week’s leaderboard, before we take a look at this one’s.

1. Rex Cramer: 10654
2. ToMontana8: 10620
3. finnrene: 10591
4. billybillard: 10479
5. Don Cool: 8287
6. Kubisch81: 7782
7. mjaussieace: 7741
8. domiN06: 7657
9. massi83: 7479
10. VENOM__512: 7260.00

If you’d like to take a peek at last week at this time, on April 17th, head over to and take an in depth look, where you’ll not only be able to take a gander at the top ten from last week at this time, but the top 100. Also, if you’d like to look at any time this month to get even more in depth, head over to and check out the Ongame Leaderboard in great detail. Now, let’s take a look at the changes that have gone on in the last week!

1. Rex Cramer: 16010
2. finnrene: 15370
3. ToMontana8: 12937
4. billybilliard: 12828
5. Don Cool: 11067
6. mandolinchen: 10262
7. domiN06: 10226
8. ronnie1: 10167
9. Kubisch81: 9204
10. massi83: 8724

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that Rex Cramer and finnrene have been busy to say the least. Collectively they’ve accounted for 10106 points in the last week, which is more than Kubisch81 or massi83 has done in the entire month of April! Clearly, this isn’t a knock on either of those players, but Rex Cramer and finnrene are putting on an amazing performance to say the least. It should once again be noted that finnrene won the leaderboard last month, and is once again putting on an awe-inspiring performance.

The next thing that comes to mind is the fact that these two players are distancing themselves from the rest of the pack with a little under a week left in April. ToMontana8 has fallen to third this week, back from second last week. He hasn’t had a bad week by any stretch of the imagination; rather Rex Cramer and finnrene have just been on fire. He’s going to have to have a huge final week to have a shot at winning the leaderboard this month. Right behind him is billybilliard in fourth, holding strong, just as he did last week. He’s in the same boat as ToMontana8, in that if he wants to win this month, he is going to have to have an unbelievable final week. Don Cool is staying steady in 5th place with 11067, having a nice performance this month.

Kubisch81 has taken a bit of a dive this week, dropping from 6th to 9th, but still staying in the top ten with 9204. Mjaussieace experienced a huge drop off this week, gaining less than 300 points, and plummeting from 7th to 16th. He’s going to have to put up a good week to get back in the top ten for April. DomiN06 had a very nice week in moving up from 8th to 7th. Massi83 had a small dropoff, not having a big week, and falling from 9th to 10th, just on the cusp of being in the top ten.

We had two new arrivals this week, in the form of mandolinchen, and ronnie1. Mandolinchen had an extremely impressive week, jumping all the way up from 18th to 6th. It will remain to be seen if that was just one large week, or whether it’s a sign of things to come from mandolinchen. Lastly, ronnie1 enters his week at 8th, coming from 16th last week.

If you go to you can check out today’s entire top 100, and see who the movers and shakers are for yourself.

As we hit the home stretch in April, be sure to check back to see how things pan out. Check back next week to see if Rex Cramer can hold off the rest of the pack in his quest to take down the Ongame Leaderboard for April!