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We’re heading into the final days of May, and the name of the game for the Ongame Leaderboard has been dominance, mainly by finnrene, who is once again looking to take down the Ongame Leaderboard, this time for the month of May. It has been quite a month, especially for the aforementioned player. If you want to take a look at the days that have helped up shape where we are right now, or take a look at any players, feel free to head over to Before we take a closer look at today, May 22nd, let’s take a look at last week to help get a feel for how we got here.

1. finnrene 9102
2. -Rex Cramer- 8986
3. lindorf1988 8424
4. gnogno91 7895
5. iilimato12 6904
6. kitakami 6842
7. ToMontana8 6764
8. mandolinchen 6575
9. donkualot 6408
10. efroni1 6360

Finnrene looked primed last week to win the Ongame Leaderboard for a third month in a row. How’s he faring this week?

1. finnrene 13683
2. -Rex Cramer- 13032
3. gnogno91 12082
4. donkualot 11144
5. iilimato12 10743
6. lindorf1988 9622
7. aruba36 8891
8. kitakami 8383
9. sannicolao 8114
10. raymond12345 7836

Well, it comes as no surprise that as yet another week goes by, finnrene remains the top dog on the Ongame Leaderboard. Finnrene is starting to look like he’s unbeatable, as he continues to distance himself from the rest of the field every month, grinding away the competition while staying extremely consistent. He’s now got a 651 point lead on -Rex Cramer-, who’s in a respectable second place this week, holding steady again this week. Gnogno91 has moved up to 3rd this week, from 4th last week, after having an awesome week, gaining over 4000 points this week. Donkualot had an even nicer week, gaining over 4700 points, en route to moving up to 4th from 9th, ending a great week for him. Illimato12 is another one who’s holding steady, hanging in at fifth place. Lindorf1988 experienced a shaky week, dropping down to 6th from 3rd, perhaps signifying a drop out of the top 10 for him as we reach the home stretch of May. Aruba36 is one of the three new arrivals this week, coming in with 8891. Kitakami has experienced a small drop, from 6th to 8th, after gaining only 1541 points in the last week. Our final two players this week are both new, as sannicolao and raymond12345 join the top 10. They, along with aruba36 are replacing ToMontana8, mandolinchen, and efroni1, who have fallen out of the top 10.

That is all for this week, if you’d like to take a look at today in depth, check out Be sure to check back next week, as we head towards the end of May!