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The OnGame Network is extremely popular to say the least. They feature a great deal of rooms, including the ever-popular Poker Room! Despite leaving the U.S. online poker room scene some time ago, they are the fifth most popular network online, constantly have a great deal of players online at all times of the day.

As a popular network, they have their very own leaderboard, which I can gladly say I’ll be talking to you about it. Starting this month, I’ll be updating you weekly on the way leaderboard is shaping up for the month. Now, if you’d like to go take a look at that on your own, you can view the stats here: by clicking on the link, and heading to the bottom of the page. Also, there’s an archive system, that lets you check out through the month, so you can see just how consistent people have been, and see who’s made a mad run at the end of the month! For example, head over to to check that out, and you would see that on March 31st, 2008, finnrene held the lead with 16554 chips!

Here’s last month’s top 10, will they be able to keep the pace up in April?

1. finnrene 17426
2. ToMontana8 15460p
3. massi83 12377p
4. KKAAnibAAAl 12132p
5. blueszu66 11386p
6. raymond12345 11304p
7. yeepeekaye 10541p
8. knock9999 10380p
9. simpson555 9626p
10. Kubisch81 9523p

Next week, I’ll be getting more in depth with the OnGame Network leaderboard!