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It’s a new month and with a new month brings a new leader board over at PKR Poker. Last month ended pretty eventfully with the usual favorite getting pushed down to 3rd place in the last few days, but farryboy came back and took first place once again. It’s hard to believe he manages to pull it off every month, but it’s an ongoing tradition at this point to see farryboy take the PRK leader board. If you want to browse the whole list of players and see how everyone is doing take a peek at the entire list here: Today’s Full-Leaderboard.

The beginning of the month is always interesting because new faces often pop up right away and we often wonder if they are going to stick around, or get pushed back to the bottom by the usual suspects in the top 10. Currently we have three new faces in the top three seats over at PRK. Coming in at first place is foxc7, TheThimster in second and JonnyRocker is sitting comfortably in third. The ever present farryboy is holding fourth place, but if prior months say anything he won’t stay there for long. In fifth place this week we have zedsaces, another new face for the top ten. Sixth place has a veteran in the form of Vincanity15, but barcode1973 is hot on his heels in seventh. 1potato2 is still gracing the top ten of the leader board in eighth place while stitches99 has moved up a steady 26 spots to hold out ninth place. Wrapping up the top ten we have SevenSeas, yet another new face.

Even with the new faces popping up all over the leader board it really says little about how the month will turn out. Often times the top ten veterans don’t come out of the woodwork until the end of the month, while the newbies get pushed back to the lesser seats. It’s not surprising farryboy is again in the top ten, he has become a personal favorite of ours here at FTR just because it is so impressive to hold that seat month after month! If you have a sudden urge to see how people are doing at any point during the week take a look at this page here: Leaderboard-Calendar to keep yourself updated.

So keep your eyes peeled for the usual suspects in the PRK leader boards and root for the underdogs if that’s your thing. Things always get pretty interesting in the next couple of weeks so watch farryboy and see what he manages to do, maybe this month one of our avid readers will unseat him and take first place!

Here’s your top 25:

1 foxc7 10626.10
2 TheThimster 8627.30
3 JonnyRocker 8126.75
4 farryboy 7162.75
5 zedsaces 6917.60
6 Vincanity15 6878.30
7 barcode1973 6774.80
8 1potato2 6636.80
9 stiches99 6627.30
10 SevenSeas 6470.60
11 p0kerholic 6072.55
12 FireBladeRR 6027.40
13 Aron78 5985.60
14 GusHandsome22 5749.50
15 Panda 5685.60
16 marcos2aces 5617.05
17 PaTrickTonFion 5520.00
18 managyal 5516.90
19 DRFrever 5491.90
20 yippee14 5384.50
21 protection 5360.80
22 ladzrls 5240.20
23 TilKo 5156.60
24 66face99 5048.90
25 TheGrouch 5025.20