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Poker is always hot and exciting over at PRK Poker and with their monthly leader boards just heating up for June everyone will be able to keep an eye on the action, and with myself as your trusty tour guide things will be readily available! If you have a sudden urge to see how people are doing at any point during the week take a look at this page here: Leaderboard-Calendar to keep yourself updated.

This month has started out on a new foot. As of right now there are a number of new faces gracing the top ten to keep an eye on. Things may shift back to the ‘usual suspects’ as the month progresses, but currently there is new action to behold! It’s nice to see some new faces fighting it out for the top spot and some of the vets can share the glory at the end of the month. If you want to browse the whole list of players and see how everyone is doing take a peek at the entire list here: Today’s Full Leaderboard.

Taxman1982 is a new face and he’s holding first place. In second is highheeledhotty, but callmethenuts is hot on her tail after moving up 15 positions today! Fourth place is held by pkrnight who might be doing a little jousting with gladheateher in fifth who is the first familiar face we notice in the top ten at this time. Day2000 is holding out sixth and the ever present pokerfreak013 is sitting comfortably in seventh. In eighth is sunglasman, but he needs to watch out for kata222 who moved up 25 seats to take ninth place. Rounding out the top ten is flyinglure who dropped two seats to hold out their position.

This month has obviously started on a new leaf with brand new faces gracing the leader board. It’s pretty exciting to get the opportunity to report on some new faces and this is certainly the opportunity to do such.

Here’s the current top 25:

1 Taxman1982 9503.20
2 highheeledhotty 8501.50
3 CallmeTheNuts 7559.95
4 PkrNight 6872.50
5 gladheateher 6515.90
6 dav20000 6432.60
7 pokerfreak013 5891.75
8 sunglasman 5878.50
9 KATA222 5779.40
10 FlyingLure 5535.90
11 Vincanity15 5454.70
12 fonzy1225 5429.80
13 PaTrickTonFion 5308.90
14 CoolHandDuke 5207.75
15 Matthetrap 5164.00
16 supapanas 4966.15
17 PirateNation 4954.40
18 17043400 4950.30
19 mcoupar 4930.20
20 Hopster 4779.15
21 vincevegas33 4662.00
22 akacheese 4479.15
23 DELAMOYA 4459.20
24 egg1979 4454.85
25 4KINGDONKEY 4388.95