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July has come and gone, and bdubs3737 has been crowned the TLB Champion on Poker Stars. He was able to hold off players like imeasy2read, with a clutch victory in the Sunday $200k, beating out a field of well over 20k players in the process. If you’d like to take a look at any days before today, and get a better idea of how we got to today, be sure to check out Scroll to the bottom of the page, and use the calendar to search through past days. Let’s take a look at where we stand today, August 6th.

1 imeasy2read 3816.55
2 Prom Queens 3500.96
3 JohnFR 3273.62
4 whtdove333 3179.23
5 AjinOK 3179.04
6 baneris 3177.12
7 annodv 3175.25
8 deZZZed 3117.07
9 nutzho 3083.46
10 bdubs3737 3072.33

As you can see, imeasy2read has made a nice little improvement from last month, taking control of 1st place this week, and holding an over 300 point lead on Prom Queens. Both players have been grinding an unbelievable amount of $12 180s, grinding away to get those TLB points.

Whtdove333 is showing just how much those big field tournaments count towards your TLB scores, as she won the Sunday $200k, and garnered a ton of points in the process.

Last month’s champion, bdubs3737, had a great start to his August. He not only won the $55 rebuy, but took down the $200 Limit tournament as well. Neither of those tournaments have huge fields, hence the lesser effects on his TLB score. However, if he keeps this up, he’ll be a force to reckon with in August, just like July.

An interesting name that’s lurking in the Top 25 is shaundeeb. Shaun is well known for putting in monstrous amounts of volumes, and while clocking in at 21st right now, can put in a lot of tournaments at any time and give anyone a run for their money.

That is all for this week, if you’d like to take a better look at today, check out