It’s time to bring back FTR’s coverage of the Poker Stars Leaderboard, which I will be doing until September, when courtiebee takes over. Until then however, I’ll be bringing you all the action, as some of the best and brightest battle it out! Just to bring everyone back up to speed, here’s where we were on June 28th:

1 b00k0fMud0ra 6384.59
2 rage4dorder 6201.94
3 rbeckwith 6184.93
4 DESS66 6038.85
5 anfo500 5613.94
6 FouTight 5550.02
7 ROONEY_DIVES 5374.25
8 ICuRaRook 5319.23
9 bjolla 5242.82
10 NeverScaredB 5035.47

If you’d like to take a look at today in depth, check out And if you’re curious and would like to check out any days this month, feel free to head over to, scroll to the bottom of the page, and pick the corresponding day on the calendar, to the day you’re looking for. Without further adieu, here’s where we are as of July 30th.

1 imeasy2read 6977.74
2 bdubs3737 6816.90
3 jitterbug777 6487.83
4 e4e5nf3nc6 6414.59
5 Kiba52 6300.91
6 bgr9292 6099.86
7 Metsfan512 5911.84
8 $wanswan 5818.81
9 kurt23x 5758.68
10 jonrubs 5599.48

As you can see, imeasy2read and bdubs3737 are ahead of the pack in July, both with formidable scores. This is likely how it will end for July, as tomorrow is the final table, and it’ll be very tough to overtake imeasy2read. He’s definitely put in his work this month, playing well over 800 tournaments in July, while winning a $25 freezeout with nearly 2.5k players for $9,660, and taking 2nd in a $55 freezeout for nearly $10k. Bdubs3737 has had a solid month, topped off with a mammoth takedown this past Sunday. Bdubs made his way through the massive 23,960-player field en route to winning the Sunday Hundred Grand on for $23,960!

That is all for this week, be sure to check back next week for an in-depth look into the end of July, and the start of August on the Poker Stars Leaderboard!