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 Welcome to my first ever PokerStars leaderboard article! From this point on, I will be covering the PokerStars leaderboard every Wednesday. With October just starting, it’s the perfect time to look at the September results and get ready to start fresh with October. If you’re not too familiar with the PokerStars leaderboards, be sure to click here to read about how it works and what the prizes are.

Let’s start with the winners of the September leaderboard:

1. Pokerccini – 7417 pts
2. Luj0_1989 – 6851 pts
3. HooBangin – 6657 pts
4. j0hndayt0n – 6301 pts
5. Bruno GT – 6218 pts
6. TOOOOL – 6213 pts
7. BodogMaven – 5993 pts
8. lpaper – 5962 pts
9. PocketPayett – 5898 pts
10. Pipedream17 – 5892 pts

Congratulations to Pokerccini, who was the winner of last month’s monthly leaderboard, receiving $5,000 for his efforts. He dominated the leaderboard for the month, taking first place from phillyJbizee back on September 8th and then keeping the top spot until the very end. Luj0_1989 placed 2nd for the month, winning $3,000. He did well to hang on to his top spot, as well. He was actually in the top 10 of the standings for an impressive 23 days of the last 30 for the month! This streak is only currently behind that of Pokerccini and the player in 6th for September, TOOOOL. In fact, TOOOOL holds the current record, placing in the top 10 for the month 26 times in September. HooBangin, the third place winner, had one great day at the very end of September that shot him up the monthly leaderboard. On September 29th he was all the way down in 59th place, but he had one superb day of tournaments and moved all the way up to 3rd! For 3rd place, he received $2,000.

Now October is only one day young, but we have some new standings already for the month. Here is the current top ten:

1. jager1987 – 996 pts
2. lucid40 – 925 pts
3. TheProdigy00 – 852 pts
4. grebnrets86 – 830 pts
5. sonsonson33 – 793 pts
6. frutilupes – 775 pts
7. Mr_Shill_ – 740 pts
8. SingleFileD – 703 pts
9. angeleys – 685 pts
10. Pablo Diablo – 681 pts

These standings are guaranteed to change even within days, so I won’t spend any time analyzing them this week. We’ll go at them next Wednesday for sure!

The last standings I’d like to talk about today are those for the yearly leaderboard. The yearly leaderboard is an extremely exciting contest because it gives us the chance to see who the absolute best players are on PokerStars. Anyone can get lucky and have a good month, but it’s a lot harder to get lucky and have a good entire year! The yearly standings won’t fluctuate that much from week to week, but I’ll still list them each time so that we can notice when they DO change. It will be slow and steady but still very interesting.

Here is how the top ten looks for the year right now:

1. derek8 – 35,598 pts
2. shaundeeb – 32,353 pts
3. QuasiFiction – 32,082 pts
4. Pokerccini – 30,392 pts
5. ICuRaRook – 30,075 pts
6. bluntman82 – 29,636 pts
7. jeffbeesdat – 29,304 pts
8. jitterbug777 – 29,258 pts
9. BreakRibs – 29,255 pts
10. Bruno GT – 28,788 pts

Be sure to come back next Wednesday to see how things change over the week! If you would like to see the full standings for today, please click here. If you would like to visit the PokerStars network page to see standings from another day (say, in September), please click here.