We’re at the halfway mark for April’s Pokerstars MTT Leaderboard and it may be a pivotal point for many of the participating players indeed. This is the time where they’ve got to slow down and reassess their approach and make necessary changes to fix potential leaks in their game. There’s still plenty of time left for players to jump some major hurdles, but it will only get progressively more difficult with each passing day. The deeper we get into the month the higher players will have to place in their MTTs to gain significant points if they’re lagging behind.

FlopTurnRiver keeps track of the PokerStars Leaderboard results daily and keeps them archived on the PokerStars network page which can be found here: Leaderboard-Calendar. Simply scroll down to the leaderboard section and select whichever day you feel like viewing. It’s a great way to see how players are progressing as time goes on.

For a quick link to today’s full Leaderboard results (100 recorded places!) click here: April 14th Leaderboard Results.

Let’s take a look!

Current April 14th Top Ten MTT Leaders:

1 ImaLuckSac – 5728.45
2 RevenX – 4853.03
3 wegotBG – 4671.27
4 Wüstling – 4385.48
5 MauriceSch – 4354.59
6 shaundeeb – 4188.18
7 pokerfun4321 – 4145.43
8 graslevy – 4139.79
9 radfrobot – 4094.28
10 USCphildo – 4076.96

It looks as if ImaLuckSac took an opportunity to assess his game and stepped up his skills a notch or two, sending him straight to the leading position from last week’s 5th place. ImaLuckSac has about a 1k chip lead on the next closest player RevenX who comes in 2nd place this week. In addition, it’s currently the highest difference in chips for any two consecutive positions in the top ten. RevenX jumped to his current 2nd place position from last week’s 8th place – a satisfying leap.

In 3rd place today, wegotBG sits comfortably under Reven. Last week, wegotBG held 1st place after having been absent from the MTT Leaderboard completely in the prior weeks. This suggests wegotBG scored a big win last week, catapulting him to 1st place. At the same time it shows he might have a difficult time staying afloat in this Pokerstars top ten. Wüstling is consistently playing on the same level as wegotBG and comes in at 4th place. Last week he was just under wegotBG in 2nd, and has remained one place blow him this week as well. Remember, Wüstling placed 82nd overall for March, so he’s got a lot to work for.

In a matter of a week, MauriceSch managed to climb this PokerStars MTT ladder to 5th place from last week’s 32nd. This jump represents just how much players are capable of in a short period of time. Also notable, and even more remarkable, is Shaundeeb’s climb from god knows where to 6th place. Last week shaun couldn’t even be found in any of the 100 recorded places.

Lastly, pokerfun4321 has made a return to the top ten this week after having sat in 45th place just 7 days prior. Pokerfun4321 also secured a 7th place overall win last month, so it seems he’ll definitely be one force to be reckoned with. USCPhildo remains in 10th place for the second week in a row.

Check back next week as the nearing of the month’s end begins to put pressure on these fine Pokerstars MTT players. Who will have the skill, luck and drive to make it to the top this month?!