This will be the first of many PokerStars Leaderboard analysis in the coming months.  If the leaderboard action on PokerStars shapes up to be anything like that of Full Tilt’s we’re in for some juicy analysis.  Last week, GoodWithAFork kindly supplied us with some background on how the PokerStars Leaderboard operates and also shared a list of the top 20 overall players for the month of February.

This week we’ll take a look at which players may have made a return to the overall top of the leaderboard for March.  After we look at March’s winners we’ll dive into some analysis on the current leaders in April.

FlopTurnRiver keeps track of the PokerStars Leaderboard results daily and keeps them archived on the PokerStars network page which can be found here: Leaderboard-Calendar. Simply scroll down to the leaderboard section and select whichever day you feel like viewing.  It’s a great way to see how players are progressing as time goes on.

For a quick link to today’s full Leaderboard results (100 recorded places!) click here:  April 09th Leaderboard Results.

Let’s take a look:

Top Ten MTT Players for March:

1    derek8                    7793.75
2    mestrefilipe            6027.07
3    gdub2003               5967.38
4    Big Huni                 5919.63
5    QuasiFiction           5528.56
6    PhantomRay           5517.75
7    pokerfun4321         5462.71
8    ROONEY_DIVES    5305.53
9    AJinOK                    5179.63
10    bluntman82          5178.55

derek8 stepped up his game over the past month as he secured an overall 1st place win for the month of March.  In February, derek8 scored a 4th place win which is nothing to scoff at either.  Though we’re still early in our analysis it seems derek8 may have something to prove and it’s likely we’ll be seeing more of him as time progresses.  Following derek with roughly 1700 less in chips is mestrefilipe in 2nd place.  It’s far to early to be making assumptions, but I haven’t been able to locate mestrefilipe in any of the past leaderboard archives.  As we push further into this new year, time will tell if it’s luck or skill which has landed him a 2nd place position in March.

gdub2003 scored a nice 3rd place for March but I haven’t been able to locate much information on this players either.  Big Huni, 4th place winner in March, also comes back dry as far as past accomplishments. QuasiFiction managed to secure a better overall position than his 19th place in February at 5th place for March.  The only other players who have continued to show up in this Leaderboard are pokerfun4321 and bluntman82.  bluntman82 scored a sweet 6th place victory for February and continued his success at 10th place for March.  See April’s ‘current leader analysis’ below for more information on these two players and more!

Current April 9th Top Ten MTT Leaders:

1    wegotBG        4282.11
2    Wüstling         4187.00
3    bdubs3737      4052.23
4    J Darnielle       3953.53
5    ImaLuckSac    3858.76
6    Zefa                 3808.38
7    j0hndayt0n      3787.76
8    RevenX            3623.97
9    z32fanatic       3602.71
10    USCphildo     3555.56

wegotBG is currently sitting in 1st place on the PokerStars MTT Leaderboard but he can’t be too comfortable as Wüstling is very close behind him in 2nd with a mere 100 chip difference.  Looking at this further, wegotBG hasn’t had any notable wins or positions in the leaderboard in prior months.  Wüstling on the other hand placed 82nd overall for March.  Before you decide that’s nothing to be proud about, 82nd place is great considering the thousands and thousands of MTT players each month.  bdubs3737, another player who hasn’t surfaced much in the leaderboard is currently in 3rd place.

In 4th place right now, J Darnielle leads the current 5th place holder ImaLuckSac by a mesely 100 chips.  J Darnielle took home a 7th place win for the overall month of March and seems to be doing a lot better this month.  The other players in the top ten right now are new to me and have yet to show their skills on a consistent level.

Deeper than the top ten, bluntman82 is currently sitting in 16th place.  Last month, bluntman82 secured a nice 10th place win and doesn’t seem to be very far away from the same thing this month so far. He also scored a sweet 6th place victory for February.  Though he’s not even sitting in the top five (or ten for that matter), bluntman82 is showing a level of consistency that I like to see on these types of leaderboards.  Not quite as consistent as bluntman, pokerfun4321 is currently in 45th place.  For March, pokerfun finished off the month sitting in 7th place overall.  There’s plenty of time for pokerfun4321 to climb the ranks and prove he can contend with the best though as we’ve got roughly three more weeks before the end of the month.

Check back next week for more juicy PokerStars Leaderboard action to see which players stay consistent and remain on top, which make drastic climbs, or which fall in the ranks as their *luck wears off.