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Appearing in the PokerStars top ten this week is a few new players attempting to make a steal for May’s 1st place prize.  The PokerStars MTT Leaderboard is proving to be a lot more sporadic than I had imagined.  Last week I commented on the amount of new players pushing the regulars to the wayside and this week seems to be worse in that regard.  Nevertheless, there are some great players in and around the top ten this week, with shaundeeb still on top!

Remember, FlopTurnRiver keeps track of the PokerStars Leaderboard results daily and keeps them archived on the PokerStars network page which can be found here: Leaderboard-Calendar. Simply scroll down to the leaderboard section and select whichever day you feel like viewing.  It’s a great way to see how players are progressing as time goes on.

For a quick link to today’s full Leaderboard results (100 recorded places!) click here:  May 27th Leaderboard Results.

Let’s jump to it!

Current May 27th Top Ten MTT Leaders:

1    shaundeeb    7086.96
2    grindnitout    6685.27
3    JohnFR    5783.82
4    ILS007    5299.76
5    thegosu2    5280.46
6    MickBt23    5241.21
7    just1cool    5233.86
8    the_schmenx    5207.03
9    e4e5nf3nc6    5197.39
10   Kurt_Jara    5195.08

shaundeeb has secured his 1st place position for another week with a comfortable lead over grindnitout in 2nd.  shaundeeb has an impressive profile on and has enjoyed many successful wins over his online poker career.  It’s only fitting that he’s leading the pack of players who are among the best of the best on PokerStars.  grindnitout also returned showing a good amount of consistency in 2nd place two weeks in a row.  grindnitout popped into the leaderboard scene out of nowhere and went straight up to 2nd place on his first appearance.  Had I jumped the gun I could have easily predicted him quickly dropping positions each day until he faded off the top ten positions.  While yes it may partly be the monster chip lead he had last week, he has remained and has overcome my expectations.

JohnFR has made a very nic stride up to 3rd place from last week’s 17th place.  If he continues the sucess he showed over the course of last week he could be scoring him a nice 1st place prize.  In the same boat as JohnFR and even more impressive, ILS007 has made a leap from the 28th position last week all the way up to 4th for today.  A nice jump right before the end of the month if you ask me.  thegosu2 has steadily increased his position without being too flashy, rising from last week’s 10th to 5th place today.

MickBt23 leaped from 12th to today’s 6th place.  The most impressive leap thus far was made by Just1cool, who climbed the ranks to today’s 7th place all the way from 68th last week!  This shows that May’s victor could really be anyone, but it will take someone special to steal it from shaundeeb and all his success.  Apparently I spoke too soon concerning the most impressive jump from last week.  In at 8th place this week, the_schmenx climbed every position on the leaderboard to land this spot.  In the previous week, schmenx couldn’t be found in any of the 100 recorded places on the PokerStars MTT Leaderboard.

e4e5nf3nc6 has continued his fall down to this week’s 9th place.  Kurt_Jara has also fallen in the ranks this week down to 10th place from last week’s 6th place.  Though there are several players in places 11 through 25 that are worth mentioning, particularly because they’ve held a top ten position this month, the last player I’d like to mention is PearlJammer.  PearlJammer also has an impressive profile on, making thousands of dollars playing online poker.  Out of all the players listed in the 100 recorded places, shaundeeb and PearlJammer have the most impressive profiles enjoying success after success in several MTTs!

11    MrCasino    5187.73
12    BreakRibs    5177.30
13    QuasiFiction    5171.64
14    AQUA RAIDER    5079.89
15    highmoose    5069.05
16    ICuRaRook    4968.79
17    rage4dorder    4933.78
18    Hikkespett    4923.98
19    IronRing08    4812.18
20    dlo911        4810.18
21    docbaby        4768.59
22    Life4m        4737.79
23    killerstack    4726.39
24    FRITTS        4686.64
25    PearlJammer    4545.14