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In light of the fast approaching Spring Championship of Online Poker, PokerStars has decided to reward loyal players with a generous 50% up to $200 reload bonus. After the events of Black Friday US Players are, of course, sadly excluded from this bonus, but it serves as a reminder to the rest of the world that they can and should continue to play at the world’s best online poker room – and be rewarded for it!

The Spring Championship of Online Poker, commonly referred to by its acronym of SCOOP, is one of the biggest online poker tournament series the internet has to offer, and is hosted at PokerStars. It’s characteristic feature is that every event is not just a single tournament but in fact three separate tournaments each at a low, medium and high level, allowing players of all bankrolls and budgets to get in on the fun and action. PokerStars will also be running satellites non-stop for every tournament, giving everyone the chance at a life-changing win. This bonus serves as a great incentive to reload for the series and give yourself a little something extra towards your tournament budget at the same time.

The reload bonus is worth 50% up to $200 when players enter the PokerStars bonus code “SCOOP” without the quotes at the time of their deposit. This bonus clears at a rate of $1 per 20VPPs and will be released into players’ accounts in $10 increments. You can deposit at any time from now until May 8th to take advantage of this great offer, and you’ll have until May 31st to clear the full bonus amount. This means, of course, that the sooner you deposit and claim your bonus the longer you’ll have to clear it and thus increase your chances of earning the full amount!

If you wanted to take maximum advantage of this bonus then you would use the bonus code SCOOP today when you made a deposit of $400, which would entitle you to the maximum bonus amount of $200. You would then need to earn 4,000 VPPs (20VPPs per $1, multiplied by the $200 bonus) before May 31st to be credited with the full bonus amount. Even if you’re uncertain if you’d manage that it’s still worth depositing as much as you can, as the bonus is released in $10 increments so there’s no chance of you missing out on anything and every chance that you can clear more than you think.

Although the news over the weekend shocked the poker community, it seems clear that players outside of the United States can continue to play online at PokerStars without fear. In light of the exclusion of US Players this year’s SCOOP will quite likely be smaller than those of years previous, but it is still sure to offer an awesome schedule of tournaments and fantastic guaranteed prize pools. This reload bonus is a clear winner for players looking to have some fun and get lucky this Spring.