Event 10 of the Spring Championship of Online Poker, known as SCOOP, has concluded.  This event was NL Hold’em Heads Up Match Play. There were 3 events with different buy-ins. Low, Medium and High. $16.50, $162 and $1,575 respectively. All events passed their guarantees by Pokerstars so there was no overlay.

PokerStars set a cap of 8,192 players for SCOOP Event #10-Low. That’s a pretty big cap for HU, but despite that, the game filled up well before 20mins from the start. The winner would need to win 13 out of 13 games to become champion, turning $16.50 into the first-place prize of $16,281.61.

After ten rounds of play spread across nine long hours, the field of 8,192 was reduced to eight. Those eight players were guaranteed $2,457.61 and drew the following quarterfinal matches:
Table 1: schaeng v. jim1slim
Table 2: hneves182 v. cantfold101
Table 3: Scarer v. docsu
Table 4: CACHETONJEU v. T-factor04

Scarer ran the 8,192 ended up taking this event down, he completed a perfect 13-for-13 day to take home $13,402.41 in prize money, the champion’s watch, and the title of Champion of SCOOP Event #10-Low. Not as much as promised, but the final two agreed to a chop.

SCOOP Event #10-Low No Limit Hold’em Heads-Up Match Play Results (including two-way deal):
1st place: Scarer ($13,402.41)
2nd place: schaeng ($12,402.41)
3rd place: T-factor04 ($5,480.45)
4th place: cantfold101 ($5,480.45)
5th place: jim1slim ($2,457.61)
6th place: docsu ($2,457.61)
7th place: hneves182 ($2,457.61)
8th place: CACHETONJEU ($2,457.61)

The Event 10 $162 buy-in event was capped at 2,048 players and again it was full before  the scheduled start time. The prizepool was a massive $307,200.00, just past the $300K guarantee. The final 256 players were set to be paid, meaning that anyone who made it through three rounds of heads-up action would be in the money.

Quite a few Team PokerStars Pros played, including Gavin Griffin, Marcin Horecki, Johnny Lodden, Vanessa Rousso, Victor Ramdin, William Thorson, Peter Eastgate, and Ivan Demidov.  But the only two to make it into the money were Chris “Money800” Moneymaker, who finished 207th, and JC Alvarado, who left the tournament in 91st place. The field also included a number of the biggest names in online poker, including USCphildo, Timex, THAY3R, shaniac, SCTrojans, and apestyles.

As the tournament played on, Round 9 found only eight players remaining and they were paired up as follows:
Table 1: A BashVI vs. fropsch
Table 2: skilled_sox vs. Binbs-KGB
Table 3: zefir_max vs. Ridemin`out
Table 4: micide vs. MrRyanJr

And for the hour of heads-up action and everything that led up to it, Ridemin`out was awarded the $42,936.00 first place prize, the champion’s watch, and the coveted SCOOP title.

SCOOP Event 10-Medium Elite Eight:
1st place: Ridemin`out ($42,936.00)
2nd place: A BashVI ($39,936.00)
3rd place: micide ($16,896.00)
4th place: Binbs-KGB ($16,896.00)
5th place: skilled_sox ($8,448.00)
6th place: fropsch ($8,448.00)
7th place: zefir_max ($8,448.00)
8th place: MrRyanJr ($8,448.00)

In SCOOP Event #10-High $1,575 only 450 ran, making the prizepool $675,000. Quite a bit over the $500,000 guaranteed by Pokerstars.

There were some big names among the money-makers. Team PokerStars Pros Victor Ramdin (64th), Johnny Lodden (58th), and Peter Eastgate (21st) all walked away with cash. You’d also recognize the screen names ActionJeff (11th), RandALLin (20th), tralaira (22nd), aaaaaaa (23rd), simmsux (34th), TheMuppet (36th), and ElMastermind (51st).

PokerNoob999 and backmanslivs went HU at the end. After such a long game the decided to come to an agreement.. They split the last two spots right down the middle–$123,250 apiece–and left $10,000 on table. Poker Noob999 ran out the eventual winner.

SCOOP Event 10-High Top 8 finishers
1st place: PokerNoob999 ($133,250)
2nd place: backmanslivs ($123,250)
3rd place: potstabber10 ($47,250)
4th place: PlayaPlz ($47,250)
5th place: Elan Kovo ($21,600)
6th place: Jeetorious ($21,600)
7th place: iCeVeNoM ($21,600)
8th place: WheresMyRoll ($21,600)