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With over 1.8 million dollars in its total prize pool, PokerStars’ SCOOP Event 15 ended with big wins for Peter “Belabacsi” Tarply who won the high stakes pool for $196,080, AMBlues19 who won the mid stakes for $89,065, and ricardo4473 who won the low for $32,196.

As a 2x Chance Turbo Tournament, SCOOP Event 15 was full of fast action and big money. And with 455 entrants paying $1,575 each for the high tier, the event far surpassed its guarantee with a prize pool just over $1 million dollars. Despite dropping under 200K chips out of 3.44 million total with only three players left, Belabacsi fought his way back up with a little luck on his side. Peter Tarply, the man behind the name, was the first WSOP bracelet from Hungary and finished second in a SCOOP event last year.

The final table players were:
szusza84 – 192,908 (finished 7th)
Al K. Holick – 459,111 (finished 5th)
Phantom0082 – 245,768 (finished 8th)
takechip – 301,812 (finished 9th)
Belabacsi – 460,658 (finished 1st)
smokrokflock – 487,630 (finished 3rd)
cpfactor – 260,943 (finished 2nd)
mrvogt – 579,099 (finished 4th)
The Rounderr – 452,071 (finished 6th)

Things started off going very well for Belabacsi, who drew first blood by busting takechip with A9o against QJo all-in preflop. When only five players remained, he held a strong chip lead with nearly 1.4 million. However, things went wrong for him in the final three, when he went all-in with A8s against cpfactor, who held pocket kings. This crushing blow left him belabacsi with less than 200K.

The game would have ended there for the Hungarian, but some lucky breaks put him back in the competition. It started when his two opponents faced off despite Belabacsi’s small stack. Cpfactor went all-in against smokrokflock with pocket queens against A5o. Cpfactor’s queens held up to knock smokrokflock out of the game. With over 3 million chips against under 400K, cpfactor had every advantage as the game became heads-up.

However, he could not turn his advantage into a victory. First Belabacsi doubled up to 760K with K2s against cpfactor’s pocket eights by hitting a king on the river. Soon after, he continued to take risks by going all-in with Q6s against A3o. The flop came down As Qh 9h to give both players a pair. The turn was Jd, and the river landed 6d to give Belabacsi a two pair and the over 1.3 million pot. Next, he shoved pocket eights and cpfactor called with A5s. This time, the pocket eights won and the Hungarian took the chip lead. On the final hand, Belabacsi was all-in with T9o against pocket fours, and spiked two tens on the flop to win with a set. Cpfactor won the second place $144,480 prize.

As such a big tournament, SCOOP Event 15 had lots of other big names, but none of them made the final table. Some of these names included Chris Moneymaker (30th), Xaston (54th), jorj95 (61st), AABenjaminAA (40th), Sheets (21st), and Exclusive (99th).

Other big winners for the medium event were NutsErryTime (2nd for $66,894) and RIP(URL (3rd for $47,914). In the small stakes tier, Stenbek was 2nd for $22,478 and caniwin12 was 3rd for $17,251.