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PokerStars has announced the successful completion of their inaugural “Supernova’s Night Out,” an all-expenses paid get together by the site’s most elite online artists.

According to a recent post by Kristian “CharismA3” Martin, the event took place in Hamberg, Germany. The eight selected players met in the city center, with an expensive dinner and a tour of the night life readily on tap. The first step was to rent a limo, which, according to the host, turned out to be a nine-meter model with all the bells and whistles.

The drive, according to Martin, took about a half hour. Due to a large celebratory crowd at the nearby Harbor Birthday of Hamburg, however, the party was forced to abandon the limo and walk the rest of the way to the restaurant. After a short trip, they were soon outside the restaurant.

“That’s where we met up with the German Team Pro Katja Thater and Jan von Halle (and their cute beagle). Everyone seemed a little starstruck at first but the ice broke pretty much right away. We ordered a few plates of Sushi for everyone to share – very delicious. Katja picked out a nice wine to go along with the meal and everyone had a main course as well. I overindulged on the sushi and was almost stuffed already but the others ordered anything from Angus steak, lamb chops, chicken breast or simply a tradtional “Currywurst” as their main course, and from what I gathered they were all very nice.”

From there, the party traipsed up and down the city’s famous Reeperbahn, where they soon located a pleasant outdoor bar. Beverages were consumed and conversation buzzed, until the bar closed at two in the morning.

Finally, the group made their way to a local dance club, where the rest of the night was partied away. It was, by all accounts, a massive success.

Those who’d like to get in on the next Supernova’s night out will need to get a move on. It takes a lot of dedication and tough work to reach the coveted status, and players who finally do so are certainly worthy of the VIP treatment.