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PokerStars has a unique promo underway. In its VIP store, you will find a cute little VIP Monkey, which costs 1,000 FPPs to purchase. Once you have your VIP Monkey, you have to take pictures of it in a variety of locations and situations and poses etc. Then email up to 3 of your best pictures to  All the pics will then be posted on a specially set-up webpage, and if yours impresses the rest of the PokerStars community the most, a huge prize of 100,000 FPPs will be yours.

The closing date for this unique promotion is April 1, 2009 (LOL coincidentally its April Fool’s Day :D). Be sure to grab a monkey ASAP and start taking pics, yo!

*Tip you can get more than one too, for example you can take a pic of VIP monkey in a poker game with a whole gang of cuddly animals, in a fight with your cat, etc. The sky (and your imagination) is the limit!