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The legal battle over online poker in America may have just taken a decisive turn. Daniel Tzvetkoff, the former operator of a fake payment processing scam, has apparently decided to testify against the 11 online poker executives nabbed in April’s Black Friday indictments.

Tzvetkoff himself may have already received a sentence for his involvement in the crime web. But whether judgment has been passed or is yet to be passed, his cooperation will likely net him a reduction in the severity of his sentence.

According to sources cited by, Tzvetkoff has been seen in New York, where he is believed to be hiding out.

“He,” the site goes on to say, “who made billions of dollars by hiding online poker transactions and was just as guilty as any other, will likely end up in witness protection to save his butt after he helps bring down some of the biggest online poker figures in the history of online poker. If it weren’t for these men, the industry would not exist in the capacity that it does throughout the world, as online poker is much bigger than the US now.”