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Rome wasn’t built in a day, but at Rome Casino you can build your empire in a day thanks to their fantastic bonuses. Rome Casino cannot be conquered!

First, Rome Casino offers its new players Romulus’ Welcome Bonus. Named after Rome’s co founder, this massive bonus is applied to your first ten deposits as follows:

Deposit #1 – 200% up to $1000
Deposit #2 – 200% up to $1000
Deposit #3 – 200% up to $1000
Deposit #4 – 150% up to $1000
Deposit #5 – 150% up to $1000
Deposit #6 – 150% up to $1000
Deposit #7 – 100% up to $1000
Deposit #8 – 100% up to $1000
Deposit #9 – 100% up to $1000
Deposit #10 – YOU Bargain Bonus

Can you say no to $10,000 cash? We didn’t think so.

Calling all Blackjack, Video Poker, and Roulette Players! Rome Casino knows firsthand that doing battle in the coliseum can be tough. Therefore, they offer customers 25% on their deposit thanks to the amazing and alliterate Copia’s Cash Back Bonus. Rome Casino is home to the greatest variety of Roulette, Video Poker, and Blackjack games on the internet!

During the week things are busy. It doesn’t matter if it’s work, school, or the kids, these things keep you occupied. The Weekend Warrior bonus gives you the opportunity to earn $10,000 in bonus money over the course of ten 150% bonuses if you play slots. Prefer table games? Weekend warriors will receive 15% cash back at all table games played during the weekend!

During the week, Rome Casino awards its customer with a ‘Weekday Labour’ bonus. It’s simple: 15% unlimited cash back on Slots, Keno, and Mini Baccarat. The Weekday Labour is a great reason to stop by Rome after work!

The Roman Army needs more soldiers! Enlist your friends and receive 15% of their initial deposit in bonus money. Everyone knows playing with friends is more fun!

Join Rome Casino today!