Bonus Casino Poker released a story earlier this week reporting to have received rumors from inside sources that Tain Poker sites, including that of NoIQ, Chili Poker, and Cardoza, were to be removed from the iPoker network, effective on the first of the new year.  In response to the news leak, Chili Poker and other sites have made a move to dismiss the rumors as being nothing but rumors.

Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO and shareholder for Chili Poker, announced immediately that the rumor was untrue and came parallel  to the implemenation of a new iPoker network rule.  The rule targets rakeback sites and states that websites must have more money coming in than they do going out.  Otherwise they will be subject to fines.  This new rule is to begin implementation November 1st and is a move that Chili Poker supports.

Severin Rasset, head of poker at Chili Poker, also went on the record discussing Chili Poker’s structure and its bright future plans with both Tain and iPoker.  Rasset also made an appearance on the 2 + 2 message boards where several concerned users were talking about the rumor.  Rasset reassured the users that the rumors were indeed false.

Other poker site, NoIQ Poker also posted a message denying any allegations that it was to be removed from the iPoker network.  While they acknowledged that in the past NoIQ was suspended for a week from the network because of rule violation, they do not have any fault or cause for suspension at the present time.  In 2007, iPoker claimed NoIQ’s affiliates were not conducting themselves according to the rules.  As a result, NoIQ faced a seven day suspension from the network.

iPoker is one of the largest poker networks today, powered by the innovative software creator Platech.  A large number of poker sites, including that of CDPoker, Tony G Poker, and PaddyPower, find their homes on the network.