Another great FTOPS event is in the books, and we have another big-money winner. Today was a particularly special one, because it was a super turbo 6-Max event. Every player would start with only 300 chips, with blinds at 15/30!

Needless to say, it was a very fun shovefest. This event, despite having attracted 1,436 hopefuls and generating a $445,160 prize pool in the process, only lasted exactly 140 minutes, which is 2:20 in hours. Talk about some quick cash!

With this being Full Tilt Poker, a ton of the usual suspects turned up for this event, including, among many, Gary Jones, Eric Froehlich, Caio Pimenta, Allen Cunningham, David “The Dragon” Pham, Jeff Madsen, Steve Zolotow, Jared “TheWacoKidd” Hamby and Jon “Pearljammer” Turner.

Tonight’s event was hosted by Michael Tureniec. His name might not be familiar to the whole lot of you, but that does not mean that he is just some random donkey that has been given red pro status. Tureniec is a petty accomplished Swedish pro with numerous live cashes totaling almost $1,200,000. His best finish was in the 2008 EPT ME in London, 2nd for about $960K.

Let’s move on to the games in question. Since the nature of this game was pretty chip deprived, this basically means that it’s the purest push-fold poker you could ever find in a tourney game. This is of course in contrast to deeper stacked tourneys.

FT Bubble
Coverage starts right at the final table bubble. POKERBOLIZIEI made an UTG raise to 2xBB. December 22 seemingly liked his hand and went all-in. POKERBOLIZEI liked his hand too, and went along for the ride. He had a slight chip advantage over December 22, and …

The best hand preflop held, sending December 22 home early in 6th place, along with a $9,125.78 reward for having made it this far. Congratulations!

Action begins at the final table with few truly massive stacks.

But it would not last long before we had a casualty. AAeverhand and Mr Perfekt raced preflop to see who ran the fastest, and…

… the pocket pair prevailed, sending AAeveryhand home in 6th place, along with $14,690.28 for his efforts during this event. AAeveryhand, you should have picked up AA this hand as well, but still, not bad at all!

Action continued, and again, not many hands went by before we had another all-in and call. This time, it was between scout315 and POKERBOLIZEI. scout315 arrived with a slightly bigger stack at the final table, and had been using it to make some truly crafty steals, at least from this observer’s perspective. POKERBOLIZEI no doubt was thinking this exact same thing too, because he called a massive all-in of over 10M with AJo. scout315, though, was fist pumping at this occurrence.

And once again the best hand preflop prevailed when all the cards were dealt. POKERBOLIZEI got sent home in 5th place, along with $21,590.26 as a nice consolation prize. Congrats!

And scout315 kept applying the hammer. Hand after hand he kept pushing, and daman139 saw suited cards in his hand and thought that he finally caught scout315 with the hand in the cookie jar. Well, scout315 delivered another surprise, by showing us he can run quite quickly as well.

Just like that, daman139 was not The Man anymore, and got sent home in 4th prize, bagging $31,161.20 in prize money. Congrats!

By now, scout315 had borrowed Hevad Kahn’s BULLDOOOZEEERRRR and had been rolling over the table. Three-handed and first to act, he once again shoved. Mr Perfect saw face cards and saw this as an excellent opportunity:

Too bad the opportunity did not crystallize, as the best hand preflop won once again. We might have had a record on our hands in that regard, folks. Mr Perfekt got perfectly sent home in 3rd, pocketing $41,043.75 in the process. Nice!

1,463 showed up, and now there were only two remaining. scout315 had the dominant chip lead over THE_RAZER_82, and discussing a deal was out of the question.

But THE_RAZER_82 put up a magnificent fight. First he went all-in:

With that hand, THE_RAZER_82 got some room to breathe. But he was not done. 2nd all-in:

scout315, who dominated this tourney since we got to the last dozen players or so, now had his back against the ropes and a charging bull in the form of THE_RAZER_82 staring him down, ready to pounce. But then Lady Luck finally showed up, and her effects were felt immediately:

Yup, that’s her alright. After this breath of fresh air, scout315 was re-energized, and started to steamroll again. He stole a heck of a lot of pots after this situation, and then there was the final preflop push and call.

THE_RAZER_82 tried his best to take home the yellow jersey and the first prize, but fell just short. He will have to settle with 2nd place and $58,791 instead. A big round of applause goes to scout315, who basically got rid of the entire final table by himself, and in the face of adversity remained calm and collected and earned himself the 1st prize, the yellow FTOPS jersey avatar, $89,031 in money to spend immediately, and the endless bragging rights that come with taking down an FTOPS event.

Congratulations to all who played, and remember, if you did not place or win, there’s always next time!

FTOPS XVI Event #2
Start Apr 23 18:02
End Apr 23 20:22
Hosted by Michael Tureniec
Prizepool: $445,160
Places Paid: 174

Final table payouts:
1) $89,031 scout315
2) $58,791 THE_RAZER_82
3) $41,043.75 Mr Perfekt
4) $31,161.20 daman139
5) $21,590.26 POKERBOLIZEI
6) $14,690.28 AAeveryhand