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$10,000 Being Given Away in September at SunPoker! – The Double Dip
SunPoker will be giving away $10,000 in cash race prizes in September. Two $5,000 cash races will be held:

The first race will run from September 1st until 23:59 GMT on Sunday, September 13th. The second rake race will be begin at 00:01 GMT on the Sunday the first race ends (September 13th) and end on September 30th at 23:59 GMT. The two races will overlap on the second Sunday of the month for a Double Dip – the points earned on that Sunday will be counted towards both races!

The SunPoker team developed a points system based on revenue contributed to the house. The top ten players at the end of both races will share a $5,000 prize pool.

Leadersboards and details are posted at the SunPoker website.

Two $1 Million GUARANTEED Tournaments to be Held at SunPoker

The $1 Million tournaments are to be held on September 13th and October 11th – both at 18:00 GMT. Both events will have a buy-in of $500+$35. Hundreds of satellites to the first $1 Million tournament will run every day from August 10th – September 13th. Players can win a seat to this huge tournament for as little as 44 CENTS!

A full schedule of satellites can be found at the SunPoker website.

With these two wonderful promotions, sign up for SunPoker today!