So, I’m still not back.

In a Harry Potter analogy, I’m kinda like Voldemort in book 1. A shadow of my former self, remaining under the radar while gathering my powers in order to continue.

It hasn’t been much publicized, but my roll ballooned pretty quickly while playing NL & PL cash games. I had to withdraw pretty much all of it to take care of some real life issues, being promised to get it back. This is what is taking me so long to make my proper return to online poker.

While I assume it may have been positive variance, I do believe that part of my Road to Poker Maturity is now complete. The most difficult part at least. I shake ‘n bake with the best of them, I read hands and possible holdings better than I ever thought possible, and I have almost complete dominance on myself. Occasionally, too many bad beats still get to me, but I have learned how to react in this situation. Looking back, I am truly happy now where I am compared to where I was, and where I am going. An amazing progress, considering I had no clue what a “flush” was around Christmas of ’06.

The only thing left to do is get me a proper setup in which to play. My chair has no high back, nor do I have big monitors. But all will be fine.

I will be back shortly though, with one catch: I’ll pretty much only play sng’s of all varieties until my roll reaches 5 figures again 😉

For now, I only play for fun 😉