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Today I played 2.82 hours for 1678 hands and -$128.15. Besides doing my normal thing of posting my biggest hands, I’m also going to start doing something else by ranking my day on a number of factors from a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is the worst and 5 is the best.

Session Focus: How well I focused during my session
Poker Development: My development as a player
Personal Development: My development as a person
Happiness: Overall measure of happiness
Stress: How stressed I feel

So here we go with the biggest hands from today:

Biggest Losers:

1. Tight EP opens, I call QQ in EP, three other guys call. Flop comes TT7, I end up stacking off against JT, -$50. I probably shouldn’t have been aggressive at all in this hand because of how many players there were to the flop.
2. I run trip Aces into a boat, -$50.
3. I 3-bet a guy with KJs oop, he calls. Flop comes Jxx, I check/call. Turn comes a 3 putting two flush draws on board, he shoves slightly more than pot, he’s kind of nut so I call, he has AJ, -$49.
4. I call EP open with JJ, board comes 64823 and I get taken for a few streets of value against AA, -$32.

Biggest Winners:

1. I make a runner nut flush against a guy who flopped middle pair with T3 on KT8 and turned a 3, +$37.
2. I make a runner straight against a guy who slowplayed top set, +$28.
3. I get two hard streets of value with a set against what I’m assuming was a missed flush draw, +$27.

Session Focus: 3/5, About normal, no real distractions
Poker Development: 5/5, Found a decent-sized flaw in my thought process in a relatively common spot
Personal Development: 3/5, I did a lot of thinking about my thought processes in general today, but didn’t meditate or prepare my sessions like I should have
Happiness: 2/5, Felt pretty crappy today
Stress: 4/5, Above-average stress levels, almost snapped at Michelle a couple of times

I’ve been really bad about playing three sessions each day. I’ve only played two a day so far everyday this week, though I guess that’s about the same as playing three on Sunday and Monday then not playing at all on Tuesday like I did last week. I’ve been pretty good about getting out of bed when my alarm goes off for two days in a row now, but I have a hard time focusing on my session during the morning hours when I get up so early, so I’m trying to figure something out for that. Along the same lines, I’ve been going to bed earlier as well, by 12:30 am or so at the latest.

I’m on pace to do a little over 50k hands this month, which is fine with me since I’ve only been 12-tabling. After AIEV, I would be around 2.5 ptbb/100 for the month, and my non-SD after 17.5k hands is down about 1/3 of a BI. I’m okay with $18-20/hour while I play lower stakes than I should be to get my mental game back together.