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Today I played 4.72 hours for 2513 hands and -$99.80. I’m satisfied with the majority of my play, and after AIEV I would have been up for the day. As always, here are the biggest hands:

Biggest Losers:

1. AsKs loses to QQ on Ah5sQs, -$56.20.
2. KK loses to AA aipf, -$50.00.
3. The following is a hand I’ve put a lot of thought into and am still having trouble with. Open AA in MP1 or so, 14/12ish postflop lagg wannabe with a 4.6% 3-bet HJ calls. Flop comes KQ6r. I c-bet like 2/3 pot and he raises to 2.5x my bet. At this point I’m thinking he could have 66 or QQ (sometimes) as part of his value range, but I think KQ is very unlikely. In addition, he could have hands like 65s, 76s, JTs, T9s, or AK and maybe AJs. I decide calling is the thing to do since there aren’t many free cards that hurt me, and if he does have KQ I get a chance to hit some outs. The turn comes the 8c putting two clubs on the board and I don’t hold the Ac. I check, he bets $12.50 into a pot of about $19 and I call. I think he’s going to continue a bluff if he caught a flush draw, and that’s the only way I could see getting him to make a mistake on the turn. The river comes the 3c, I check and he shoves his remaining $28 giving me about 3:1 pot odds. This put me in a really tough spot, which I called and he shows KQ, -$50. I’m thinking I should have check/raised the turn if I don’t just fold the flop, but I’m not sure. The problem I have is that he knows this flop hits my range in the face with a sledgehammer, but yet he just raises right along anyway. I know he’s capable of thinking about my range, so maybe I should find a fold on the flop?
4. TT loses to 9s8s AI on QsTs5h, -$27.

Biggest Winners:

1. AA beats KQ on 95Q57, +$56.
2. Four limpers and I check KJs in the BB. The flop comes QhTh8c. The SB minraises, and I decide that calling will be better than raising since my pot odds are so good and I can get from retarded hands or raises from other hands and whatever. The open limper raises, another limper calls, the SB calls, and I notice that everyone left in the pot has an effective stack of like 30-40bb, so I shove. I get called by J9 and Q9 and I catch a 9. I didn’t know this until I checked PokerStove, but I had exactly 50% equity on the flop. Ship it, +$43.70.
3. KK beats AQ aipf, +$31.

I had two other hands where I got money in good but we split the pot, and I think that’s what shot my AIEV.