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Today I played 2.90 hours for 1628 hands and -$10.85. Here are the biggest hands:

Biggest Losers:

1. I open UTG with AsAh, crazy guy calls in LP. Flop comes 5h4h2s and I get it in against 44 and lose, -$54.
2. Three limpers in EP (literally UTG, UTG+1 and UTG+2), I raise in LP with KQ and one of them who is really loose on the limp/calls calls. The flop comes KT8r and he bets about one-third pot and I call. The turn is a 3, he again bets about one-third and I call. The river is a 7 with no flush possible or anything, and he has about a pot-sized bet behind. He bets something like $4 into $20 and I put the rest in. He calls with T8s and takes it down, -$32.
3. Unknown half-stack calls my LP open with AQ in the BB and the flop comes 865 with two clubs. He checks, I check. The turn comes a Q putting two hearts on the board. He check-raises to about 2.5x, I 3-bet and he shoves with KK, -$31.
4. Flopped set under set, -$30.

Biggest Winners:

1. UTG opens, I call in UTG+1 with AKo, unknown UTG+2 shoves 60bb, it folds to UTG who shoves over, I call and win AK v 99 v JJ aipf, +$78.
2. SB opens, I 3bet AhAd, he 4bets, I call. Flop comes 943 with two hearts and he bet/calls with AsKs, +$48.
3. AQ v AJ on AQ4K5 gets three streets of value in a raised pot against a short-stack, +$20.
4. EP opens, I 3-bet with AA, BB shoves about 30bb, EP folds, I call, AA beats ATo aipf, +$18.

I did another PT3 video, this time about how to color-code HUD stats based on the value of a different stat (link). Unfortunately the audio didn’t work and I don’t feel like recording another one. You don’t really need the audio, but it probably makes it easier to listen to. Additionally, I made a small PDF that shows a step-by-step on how to get an NES emulator set up on your computer (link).

I would go to sleep already but I’m waiting for the results of Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin. I hope Griffin takes it down.