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Today I opted to play 100nl. I played 2.58 hours for 1703 hands and $374.65. Though I only played 12-14 tables, I didn’t play as many hours as I probably should have. However, my VPP/hand rate is so high that I hit pace for today. As usual, here are my biggest hands:

Biggest Losers:

1. KK v AA all-in preflop for a buy-in.
2. This AA hand that bothered me. I open in MP and get called by a guy in the blinds. He bet/calls a K33 two-tone flop and I have the Ace of the flush draw suit. The flush hits on the turn and he donks a small bet out giving me about 3.5:1 pot odds so I call. The river makes the board K3362 and he bets $30 into a pot of $67, giving me about 3.2:1. I really, really, really think I should have folded on the river, but I called and he had the Q-high flush draw. I lost 63bb in this hand.
3. MP opens, LP calls, I 3-bet AK in the blinds, MP calls, LP folds. Flop comes K99r, I check he checks. Turn is an 8 that puts a flush draw on the board, I bet like 3/5th pot and he calls. River is an Ace to make the board K998A. Even though I had top two pair, I didn’t think QQ would call here, so I opted to check/call. He had 88. I lost 54bb in this hand.

Biggest Winners:

1. Set vs flush draw that caught a combo draw on the turn. He makes a really bad call all-in on the turn and I take down a $274.90 pot. I made about 138bb on this hand.
2. Set vs gutshot all-in on turn. I picked up 101bb here.
3. KQ v Q9 on KQK9A. I bet the river and he less-than-minraised all-in. Today was fun. I won 96bb here.
4. AA v AJ with no draw. He minraises UTG, I 3-bet in MP, he calls. He bet/calls a 986 two-tone flop then shoves for a little over half-pot on the turn which was an offsuit 4. He was drawing dead on the turn.
5. QQ v T8o all-in preflop for 60bb.

We didn’t eat out today.