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Yesterday was a bit of an odd day for online tournament grinders as neither Full Tilt or Poker stars held its biggest tournaments. Full Tilt’s $750k Guaranteed and The Sunday Million on Poker Stars were replaced by satellites to the upcoming World Series of Poker Main Event.

Full Tilt’s satellite was a $535, while Poker Stars held a $370 satellite. 3,385 players came out for Full Tilt’s 150 guaranteed seats satellite, with 150 players heading to the Main Event through Full Tilt. While over on Poker Stars, a whopping 8,076 players showed up for their satellite, which originally had 200 seats guaranteed. However, with the extra players, 226 seats were awarded instead. Next week, the 750k and Sunday Million will return.

That’s not to say a boatload of cash wasn’t won yesterday. The Sunday Warm-up on Poker Stars continues to be extremely popular, and it say longtime Irish grinder ROONEY_DIVES finish in the top two, pocketing $75,295 after he and ThePokerBody made a deal heads-up.

1. ThePokerBody: $85,295
2. ROONEY_DIVES: $75,295
3. 5902838181: $47,064
4. MAX13: $34,980
5. ely_cash41: $28,620
6. dont77: $22,260
7. alax77: $15,900
8. UwouldntKnow: $10,176
9. AAKK_Gambler: $6,169

Full Tilt’s biggest tournament of the weekend was the Sunday Brawl. 1,498 players came out for that sweet five-figure payday, and six players got that payday, with PokerPete0815 taking down the biggest one of them all, winning the tournament outright for $64,414.

1. PokerPete0815: $64,414
2. draizen: $40,746
3. lamZEN: $30,260
4. wheresmydrew: $23,968
5. ZingDingDing: $17,976
6. Bud1up: $12,883
7. Wasaki coke: $8,389
8. Chouby75: $5,992
9. RiverAK: $4,194

The Sunday Second Chance on Poker Stars saw some tough players populating its final table, as icallseat3, Johnster, and betgo waded through the 1,304 player field en route to the final table. However, the best finish out of the three was icallseat3 in 5th, as REALBIGNUTS won it all for $46,240.

1. REALBIGNUTS: $46,240
2. Glacier11568: $33,904
3. ael1979: $26,080
4. Morteler: $19,560
5. icallseat3: $13,692
6. Johnster: $11,084
7. betgo: $8,476
8. EirikS: $5,868
9. amarillion: $3,651

Not to be outdone, the Full Tilt Sunday Mulligan saw some great players make it deep, all the way to the final table. Phatcat and Riverloser are long time winners, well known amongst their peers, and showed their prowess by carving through the big field. Unfortunately, neither player got a whiff of first, as phatcat busted in 7th, while Riverloser busted in 8th.

1. BlackJackLeak: $53,190
2. FinnishNightmre: $33,687
3. RI_classic: $24,940
4. asiansrock: $19,503
5. Nakamator: $14,775
6. psychobenny: $10,638
7. phat_cat1: $7,092
8. Riverloser: $5,319
9. mudbuddha: $3,782

Rounding out our coverage this week is the tournament with perhaps the best value on the internet, the Bodog 100k. Week in and week out this tournament has a massive overlay, with the overlay this week being a massive $37.9k. This of course attracts the sharks, as HB_HITMAN fell just short, busting 2nd for $13,600.

1. wolf8476: $23,600
2. HB_HITMAN: $13,600
3. FLA_HAWKEYE: $9,100
4. pkb6786: $7,000
5. ismkjays420: $5,700
6. tuzogirl: $4,500
7. dcm26126: $3,300
8. crackin_ty: $2,200
9. alcarmo: $1,300

Also, a very special congrats to FTR’s own Johan “busto_soon” Van Til for shipping the $200 rebuy on Poker Stars for over $40k.

That’s all for this week, be sure to keep up to date with FTR Blogs as we cover tournaments of every kind, all over the world.