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Once again, another monstrous day of Sunday Majors is in the books, with a new tournament on Poker Stars, the return of the Turbo Takedown, more dominance from perhaps the best player online, and on top of all of that, one of the greatest Sunday performances, ever.

Let’s kick it off with the biggest tournament of the week. The final Sunday Million of a month used to be either $530, or $1050 at the end of the month, depending on which month it took place in. However, that has been done way with, and will always be a $215 event. Poker Stars has added a $530, 250k event to replace that, and we’ll get to that in a bit. The story of this final table had to be KtheKing. Not only did he take third in this, garnering over $90k with the chop, but he final table three other tournaments on Poker Stars yesterday, all extremely formidable, with stiff competition in each. He final tabled both of the $100 rebuys yesterday, taking 7th in the afternoon, and 2nd in the evening, for about $35k between those. How much more could he do? How about taking 8th in the new $530 250k for $12k. Simply amazing performance by KtheKing, final tabling some of the toughest tournaments online, period. However, that’s not to take anything away from rythman, or tapatapa, as both players took away six figure scores after the three-way chop, and after outlasting the field of 6,745 players. $30k was left on the table after the chop, which rythman came away with.

1. rythman: $137,254
2. tapatapa: $139,726
3. KtheKing: $90,758
4. Hasuwisp: $56,658
5. EvilLondon.: $43,303
6. jojo1983: $31,027
7. deepak1: $22,259
8. jorgeezy: $13,490
9. browsef: $8,364

Speaking of the $530 250k, we’re going to touch on that next. Poker Stars has just recently implemented this, and long-term details are not known, as of yet. But, it did kick off with a huge bang yesterday, bringing out 1,074 players, and creating a tough table. Some notable players were there, such as kingsofcards, and of course KtheKing, making yet another final table, as previously mentioned. Final tabling alongside of him was Rizen, who was also present at his evening $100 rebuy final table. Unfortunately, none of these players were able to come away with the biggest score, as just1cool and HoldemKy5 made a deal heads-up that left both with comparable scores.

1. just1cool: $87,760
2. HoldemKy5: $78,710
3. Michnak: $53,700
4. kingsofcards: $40,275
5. harrydebeng: $28,193
6. brookeburke7: $22,823
7. MrteddyKGB: $17,453
8. KtheKing: $12,083
9. Rizen: $7,518

Continuing the trend of notable players swarming the final tables, two tough players made it to the final table of the Full Tilt Poker 750k Guaranteed. 3,580 players put up $216 a piece, in hopes of taking away a sweet six-figure score. SN8WMAN and mattyv, better known as Plattsburgh, were the toughest competition at the final table. Mattyv mustered the best finish, coming up just short, but still coming away with $80,250.

1. msmatrix: $132,788
2. mattyv: $80,250
3. stogyman: $52,500
4. SkyHammer85: $41,400
5. JohnyCashOut: $31,050
6. Skalpell: $23,025
7. Markus OwnH: $17,250
8. SN8WMAN: $13,500
9. Babooyah: $10,050

The $256 Sunday Brawl on Full Tilt saw 1,488 entrants show up for this unique, knockout tournament. Dipthrong, a long time sit n’ go grinder, with several solid finishes across the major sites, had the best finish of any notables, taking 3rd for $30,058.

1. WhoAteMyShorts: $63,984
2. niceandsleazy20: $40,474
3. dipthrong: $30,058
4. Bucovinas: $23,808
5. llSayMyNamell: $17,856
6. DocYarosh: $12,797
7. Jedi AllStar: $8,333
8. eaglehawk555: $5,952
9. viking47: $4,166

The $5.2k freezeout on Poker Stars only attracted 13 players this week. However, it was won outright by one of the best players online, if not the world, in Issac “westmenloAA” Baron, for an astounding $65k. Issac continues to prove why he is so highly regarded online, amassing big score after big score.

David “Bakes” Baker has been on a roll for the past year, constantly hitting it big, cashing big in 100 rebuys, and high stakes freezeouts across several sites. He’s known as WhooooKidd on Poker Stars, and  comes as no surprise that he cashed in big, in the $215 500k guaranteed, Sunday Warm-Up on Poker Stars. He took a chop three-handed, guaranteeing himself a solid cash.

1. Telefonkiosk: $82,337
2. WhooooKidd: $60,223
3. n1stunnor: $55,336
4. andersbisse: $30,530
5. Exsectum: $23,936
6. Tonimonntana: $17,707
7. skalexjung: $12,823
8. Legendus: $8,060
9. Vegasking: $4,763

For those who weren’t satisfied with the bevy of tournaments that came earlier in the day, the Sunday Second Chance on Poker Stars offered another option. 1,139 players saw fit to fork over $215, looking for a big score. At the end of it all, HouseeLover claimed first place, and $41k.

1. HouseeLover: $41,004
2. fratboy247: $29,614
3. mcnallyville: $22,780
4. vishnu24: $17,085
5. JAMES-OO7: $11,960
6. TaTaTunes: $9,682
7. Eddie7481: $7,404
8. rakeboy: $5,126
9. M.O.P.: $3,189

The Turbo Takedown has returned on Poker Stars, except this time around it’s 5k FPP’s to play, and a $1 million dollar prize pool, which leaves $100k for the winner. It hit the 12,000-player maximum, and after about eight hours, a winner was crowned, unchopped as well. Schmidl89 was the eventual winner, taking home $100k, not bad for 5k FPP’s and 8 hours of work.

1. Schmidl89: $100,000
2. Pokerguden: $60,000
3. L_Sprewell: $40,000
4. biggboss120: $32,500
5. nevada_nl: $25,000
6. LFmagic: $20,000
7. jolan: $15,000
8. Stompato: $10,000
9. stonz0steel: $5,500

The Sunday Mulligan on Full Tilt only attracted 879 players this week, starting with a 150k guarantee, and only getting up to a $175,800 prize pool. However, first was still an extremely solid $41,313. vasika took it down, and claimed $41,313 for his efforts.

1. vasika: $41,313
2. z52ways: $25,931
3. TakeItBack: $19,338
4. txpatsfan: $14,943
5. tmc94: $11,427
6. Black Pijamas: $7,911
7. NewKommer: $5,450
8. LEObLUmaGE: $4,149
9. DrunkPPlaya: $2,989

Rounding out the tournaments this week is the Bodog 100k Guaranteed, which once again had a monstrous overlay, with only 618 players showing up for the $100+$9, which meant Bodog paid out $38.2k. Basebaldy, a tough and consistent player, was the winner, taking it down for $23.6k.

1. Basebaldy: $23,600
2. fin2win: $13,600
3. favre4prez: $9,100
4. rmobley65: $7,000
5. SirBarSpin: $5,700
6. UppyTime: $4,500
7. gregums1: $3,300
8. boulder ace: $2,200
9. PhillyGG: $1,300

That’s it for this week, congrats to everyone who made their Sunday a memorable one, and be sure to come back next week!