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SuperStar Showdown 10, Isildur1 versus Rui Cao, will take place June 19th, at 1200 EDT (1900 GMT) at PokerStars. Rui Cao plays on PokerStars as PepperoniF, and under his real name, Rui Cao on Full Tilt Poker.

The challenge will consist of 2500 hands, with two tables of $50/$100 No-Limit Hold’em and two tables of $50/$100 Pot Limit Omaha. Rui Cao and Viktor Blom will bring $150,000 to the match to put into escrow. The match will continue until 2500 hands are up, or one player loses his entire $150,000 reserve.

The match should be very competitive. Rui Cao has over $2 Million in online winnings at Stars and Full Tilt. He is one of the elite online high stakes players, and can frequently be found playing the highest stakes in the world against the world’s best. Cao’s backstory is interesting. Born in China, Cao moved to France at the age of 7. He only began playing poker in 2006, after getting free time off his university finance studies.

Isildur1 himself, whose real name is, Viktor Blom, has been having an up and down year as usual. After being up, $550,000 last month in May, after a massive $459,543 downswing, Isildur1 finished the month plus $60,000. With the WSOP 2011 running, Viktor Blom is noticeably missing from events such as the $25,000 heads up championship. That’s because despite years in the public spot light, playing years of nosebleed stakes, Blom is still only 20 years old! Look for Viktor Blom to make headlines next year at the 2012 WSOP, his first ever.

It’s been almost two months since the last SuperStar Showdown, with Isildur1’s record thus far seven wins and two losses. Here is Isildur1’s complete record in SuperStar Showdowns.

1. 12/19/10, Isaac Haxton, $50/$100 NLHE, LOSS,$41,701,
2. 1/2/11, Tony G., $50/$100 NLHE & PLO, WIN, $44,280
3. 1/30/11, Daniel Cates, $50/$100, NLHE, WIN, $51,196
4. 2/13/11, Eugene Katchalov, $50/$100, WIN, $111,750
5. 2/27/11, Attila Gulcsik, $5/$10, WIN, $5
6. 3/20/11, Daniel Negreanu, $50/$100, WIN, $150,000
7. 3/27/11, Daniel Negreanu, $50/$100, LOSS, $26,500
8. 4/10/11, Scott Palmer, $50/$100, WIN, $61,362 (5,000 hands)
9. 4/24/11, Mastermixus, $5/$10, WIN, Isildur1, $1,279

To watch, go to the PokerStars lobby and select SuperStar Showdown June 19th, at 1200 EDT (1900 GMT)!