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Every May the best poker players from around the world gather in Las Vegas to duke it out for the unofficial title of poker world champion. They hone their skills, laboriously size up their competition, and attempt to cash out with the fat Vegas hauls they’ve always dreamed of. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the World Series of Poker and you don’t want to miss any of it.

If playing on the greatest stage with professionals from all over the world isn’t enough to lure you to the strip between May 28 and July 18, then perhaps the atmosphere will. The non-stop, 24/7 party-like-only-Vegas-can-party atmosphere that you’ve heard of in legend. While the rest of the planet watches on television from the confines of their own living room, you can be surfing the star-studded celebration of the greatest game to hit a felt table in centuries.

Picture yourself living a life of luxury in a city that does luxury better than anyone. It doesn’t have to be life-altering event but it can go down as a memory you will never forget. The lights, the crowds, the celebrities, the ladies, the tourists, tables all beckon, so if you’ve ever had any slight inclination to experience what it’s like to be involved with the World Series of Poker whether as a player or a partier, now’s your chance.

What follows are a series of quotes from past Team Bodog seat winners just like you who had the opportunity to play with the pros and then party with them afterwards, every single day and every single night.

“It was awesome. Obviously.” – Zac “iLLNuGWichee” Fronterhouse, Indianapolis, IN

“An obvious favorite that sticks out in my head is the Bodog party right before the Main Event starts. That was probably one of the most fun nights out of the 40 nights spent in Vegas! Oh man, there were all kinds of beverages and the entertainment was something special.” – Patrik “3Pounder” Hoffman, Mankato, MN

“The Bodog party was awesome. I hung out with Charles Barkley for awhile and met Team Bodog pros David Williams and Evelyn Ng. That was cool.” – Anthony “Tsmizzle26” Smith, Edison, NJ

“One of my favorite memories was at the poker table. I sat next to Oral Hershiser the whole time. He was very friendly and an interesting person to talk to.” – Lee “abdog” Henderson, Santa Rosa, CA

Still not convinced? Consider the opportunity to hone your own poker game. What better chance to improve than by attending the WSOP where you absorb the knowledge of the masses around you by simply immersing yourself in the industry? Regardless of your skill and experience, Bodog, the WSOP, and most of all, Las Vegas wants you.

(Bodog Poker Press Release)