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The most popular poker room in Atlantic City is located at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa. There is always a ton of action at these tables, especially during the Borgata Summer Poker Open. However, until earlier this morning, there was $332,544 to be won at the Borgata Poker Bad Beat Jackpot. A bad beat in most Atlantic City casinos consists of any four of a kind being beaten.

The $332,544 jackpot was the biggest Bad Beat Jackpot in Borgata Poker Room history. Hien Huu Do was sitting in his car just moments earlier when he says he “just had a feeling to go back inside and play some more.” He had already been playing poker for 20 hours straight and was up $1,500. Luckily for him, he listened to his gut and returned to the felt. At 10am, he was dealt a pair of deuces at a $1/$2 game. The other party involved in the bad beat, Carlo Santos had ace-three of spades. The flop came king, deuce of spades, and deuce of clubs giving Do a four of a kind. The turn and river were miracle cards for both players as the four of spades and five of spaces came out, respectively. Do and Santos ended up all-in and turned over the good news: Do’s four of a kind was beaten by Santos’ straight flush.

The jackpot hit and the Borgata Poker Room was in a frenzy. Do left that room $133,015 richer while Santos won half of that: $66,509. The other six spectators at the table won $22,170 each. This Bad Beat Jackpot beat the Borgata’s old record of $306,000 set in February 2009. Maybe sometimes a bad beat isn’t so bad!