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Poker fans get your bankrolls ready.  Phil Helmuth has recently released a new line of poker inspired clothing, now available at his site,  Manufactured by the Poker Brat Clothing Company, the line features several different designs available in a multitude of colors.  He has both hats and t-shirts available right now with more on the way.  Some of the merchandise features the Poker Brat logo, others have the “PH” logo, and some even feature his famous quote, “If it weren’t for luck, I’d win every hand”.

Phil of course has never been one to turn down an opportunity to take advantage of his “poker brat” reputation to sell his brand.  In fact, this reputation pretty much is his brand.  His antics are very well known, from constantly talking down to other players at the table, to his undying belief that he is the best poker player alive today, to the shameless promotion of his main sponsor, Ultimate Bet, even after cheaters were caught at the site.  He even recently showed up to a tournament in a full race car driver outfit, complete with helmet.

However, despite all of his antics and his critics, there is no denying that he is one of the most well known, if not controversial, professional players today.  And although he is no longer the youngest ever winner of the World Series of Poker main event, he does still hold the record for most bracelets won, with 11.   With all of this in mind, it is hard to deny that Phil is one of the best tournament players around.  There is absolutely no denying, though, that he is undoubtedly the best professional poker player around selling products that do nothing to improve your game.