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The PokerStars Big Game has provided lots of action so far and this week was no different. PokerStars put together a very lively bunch this week by having Daniel Negreanu, Joe Hachem, William Reynolds, who plays online as Altrum Altus, David “Viffer” Peat, the infamous Tony G and the “loose cannon”, a woman named Elizabeth Houston from Canada.

The PokerStars Big Game is a cash game with an interesting twist. The blinds are $200/$400 in this game with a $100 ante. Preflop, the action is pot limit, while post flop the action becomes no limit and the entire game lasts 150 hands. The interesting twist in the game is that PokerStars stakes a non-professional player, known as the “loose cannon”, $100,000 to play in the game. The player has the option to take any profit made at the end of a day or return to try and make more. The loose cannon with the most profits will win a “NAPT passport” which will allow entry into all events on the NAPT circuit next year.

Early on, Houston, the loose cannon, limped AA in a straddled pot. Negreanu and Hachem called and action came to Tony G, who raised to $4800 with 55.  Houston limp reraised to $16,000 which Tony G called after some deliberation. The flop came T 7 6 rainbow and Houston took down the pot with a $25,000 c-bet, giving her a nice profit to start the game.

Soon after, a very funny hand happened involving Viffer and Negreanu. Negreanu raised AA in a straddled pot and Viffer decided to defend his straddle with 63s. Before the flop, Viffer fired $400, the min bet, in the dark. The flop came out J T 3 and Daniel decided to raise to $5400, which Viffer quickly called. Before the turn action, Viffer fired $400 in the dark, again. The turn came a 9 and Daniel raised Viffer’s min bet to $12,400. Viffer, who turned a flush draw, 3-bet the turn to $41,400. Daniel called after little thought. The river was the A, but before it was dealt, Viffer fired a third min bet in the dark! Daniel, completely confused, decided to just call with this set of aces and took down a nice $101,200 pot, the first six figure pot of the week.

This week seemed to belong to Tony G. After calling a 3 bet with Q2 against Reynolds’ KK and calling a 36J he shoved a 5 turn, when Reynolds checked to him. Reynolds quickly called, but to his dismay an 8 hit the river, giving the $179,000 pot to Tony G. Viffer left later, after losing $165,000 and was replaced by Hoyt Corkins. Unfortunately for Corkins, he felt the wrath of Tony G very quickly. A few hands in Hoyt 3 bet a Daniel Negreanu open to $10000 with AK. Tony G cold called the 3 bet with 66 and Negreanu called, as well. The flop was AJ6, giving Tony G a set and Hoyt top pair, top kicker. Hoyt led and was quickly raised by Tony G. Hoyt shoved and was snap called. After losing his $100,000 in just a few hands, Corkins decided to call it quits and was replaced by Andrew “good2cu” Robl.

As for the loose cannon, things took a turn for the worst later in the week. She got involved in a hand with Daniel Negreanu with QJ vs his KTo. The cannon fired 2 streets on a QJ8 rainbow flop and a 4 turn, both of which Daniel. The river brought an A, though, giving Negreanu the nuts. Houston checked to Negreanu who bet $50,000. After going into the tank, Houston called and was shown the winner. Soon after, she shoved TT on a Q high flop and was called by Negreanu’s KQ. The pot was run twice and Daniel won both, eliminating Houston, which means Nadya Magnus is still the front runner for the NAPT passport. Lex Veldhuis, known as RaSZi online, replaced her for the last few hands.

Tony G was the big winner for the week, winning $330,500 during his time at the table. Negreanu, Hachem and Roberts also left the game slight winners. The big loser was David Peat, who lost $165,100. Veldhuis lost $100,400 in his short time at the table, while Corkins and Houston both lost $100,000. Robl was also a slight loser in the game.

Tune in next week to the PokerStars Big Game see if one of the remaining loose cannons will top Magnus and take home the coveted NAPT passport prize!