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Last week’s large pots were huge but very different from the other pots covered in this series.  This is because all of this week’s pots were played at Pot-Limit Omaha tables.  Every single one of these pots were $200,000 or over with one going over $300,000!  Ivey got into it against Ziigmund with Patrik Antonius and Tom Dwan also getting into the Pot-Limit Omaha action.  All of this week’s hands were played at Full Tilt Poker.

In last week’s biggest pot, Phil Ivey was heads-up against Ziigmund at Full Tilt’s $500/$1000 table.  On the button, Phil Ivey raised to $3000 with AhJd4d2h and was three-bet by Ziigmund’s AcKc8s6s.  Phil Ivey called and the flop ran AsJs8c.  Ziigmund bet $13,000, Ivey raised to $48,000, and Ziigmund shoved his $144,495 stack in.  Ivey called with his top two-pair and saw he was against Ziigmund’s lower two-pair with a flush draw.  Luckily for Ivey, the 3h and Td on the turn and river did not improve Ziigmund’s hand and Ivey took in the massive $306,990 pot.

At another Pot-Limit Omaha table, durrrr and Patrik Antonius were playing heads-up with the blinds at $200/$400.  On the button, Antonius raised to $1,200 with his Jd9dTc8s and durrrr three-bet the action to $3,600 with his Ks9s7d6d.  However, Antonius kept the initiative by four-betting durrr rto $10,800; durrrr called.  Durrrr donked a $13,200 bet into the $21,600 pot but Antonius raised to $43,600 with his straight.  Durrrr shoved all-in to $136,071.50 with his two-pair, second nut flush draw, and gutshot straight draw and Antonius called with his made nine-high straight.  The turn 3d was of no help to durrrr but Antonius lost the huge $293,743 when the 6c came out on the river and gave durrrr a full house.

Back at our first table, Phil Ivey raised to $3,000 from the button with 7c7dTd2c and Ziigmund three-bet to $9,000 with 8d7s5c4h.  Phil Ivey made the call in position and saw the 2h7h4s flop.  Ziigmund bet $16,000 into the $18,000 pot with his two-pair & gutshot straight draw and Ivey raised to $66,000 with his set of sevens.  Ziigmund went all-in for $115,994 and Ivey called.  The Jd and 5s did not help Ziigmund and Ivey took the $249,988 pot.

That same night, durrrr chose to take a shot at Phil Ivey in Pot-Limit Omaha.  On a $500/$1000 table, durrrr raised to $3,000 on the button with Qc8c5h3s and Phil Ivey three-bet to $9,000 with AsKdQd7h.  Durrrr made the call and the flop came 3dKh7d to which Ivey proceeded to bet $14,000.  Durrrr raised to $60,000 and Ivey raised to put the rest of durrrr’s $36,499.50 stack all-in.  durrrr called and showed Ivey his bottom two-pair.  However, Ivey’s top two-pair were leading.  durrrr picked up additional outs with the 5s turn.  The 7s gave both players sevens full but Ivey won with his sevens full of kings.  The $210,999 pot was Ivey’s.

This week’s final hand involved Ivey and Ziigmund (yet again!).  Again, Ivey was on the button and raised to $3,000 with AdQc2d2h.  Ziigmund three-bet to $9,000 with AcKcKhQh and Ivey called.  The flop was 6c5dQd.  Ivey bet $14,000 with his pair of queens and nut flush draw.  Ziigmund called with his pair of kings and went on to the Th turn.  Ziigmund took the lead with a $46,000 bet and Phil Ivey put him all-in for $31,000 more.  Ziigmund called and Ivey saw that his pair of queens behind Ziigmund’s kings.  Ivey did not get his diamond on the river and Ziigmund took the $200,000 pot.