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Titan Poker has put together a pair of promotions open only to residents of Canada. Both of these will run at multiple points throughout the coming months, allowing players in the Great White North access to a sizable amount of extra cash.

The first of these events comes under the name of “Canada PayDay.” Held twice each month, this freeroll tournament features a guaranteed prize pool of $1,250. In order to qualify, players will need to have earned at least 50 poker points on the Titan servers during the two weeks leading up to the event. This month, the two freerolls were scheduled for the 15th and the 29th. Both kicked off their action at 2:00 GMT, so the boat has pretty much sailed. Look for these events to return next month with a similar set of times.

The second Canada-only promotion from Titan is known as “Canucks R Us.” Though this event has been held in the past, it has recently emerged with a new wrinkle. Specifically, Titan has lowered the buy-in from $3 + $0.3 to $1 + $0.01. This will allow a greater number of players to participate, and may actually send the prize pool to new heights. Because rebuys and add-ons are both part of the tournament structure, players will be able to afford to jump back into the action with much greater ease. Titan, for their part, has agreed to throw in an additional $150 of their own cash. These events will take place every Thursday over the coming months, with the cards hitting the felt at 1:30 GMT.

Both of these Canada-only promotions can be found under the Tournaments area, filed in the Regional tab.