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Tony G is once again making noise in the poker world. Earlier in the week, we broke the news that Peter Eastgate was auctioning off his WSOP Main Event Bracelet on eBay. Proceeds from the sale will benefit UNICEF. According to Tony G’s blog, the boisterous Australian plans to purchase the the bracelet for his canine companion.

The Mouth from Down Under is famous for his antics at the table. Perhaps the most memorable Tony G moment came in the International Poker Championship in a hand versus Russian Ralph Perry. After eliminating Perry, who he had been prodding for some time, Tony G went on his most famous tirade, “YEAAAH! YEAAAH BABY!! C’MON RUSSIAN, GET OUT!! IT’S TIME TO GO!! Look at this, look how he’s doing, look how he’s playing, look how ugly this is. You’re a professional player and I can do this to you. You’re a terrible player. This is disgraceful… Bring more Russians on. I’m here to get them all. You played that as bad as you can, your career is finished. You are gooone, GOONE, GONE!!”

Tony G states on his blog that he plans to purchase the bracelet and convert it into a dog collar for his German Shepherd, Zasko. The 2008 WSOP Main Event Bracelet features 291 diamonds set upon 18k white gold, so probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think dog collar. G reveals he has a few ideas on how to rig the bling into a dog collar but isn’t afraid to enlist help. He mentions calling upon Omaha Specialist Robert Williamson’s III wife who specializes in jewelry design.

Many will see this as a mockery of Eastgate’s title. Eastgate announced he was retiring from poker earlier this year. Tony G conveys this is simply not the case. “People will accuse me of trying to make a mockery of Peter’s WSOP Main Event win but that is not the intention – I really want to do this. I respect Peter’s decision to turn around and say that’s it – each to their own and hope that the money I give him for the bracelet goes to a good cause.”

Currently, the winning bid is $45,100 but there is nearly a week left before the auction closes. Although Eastgate is shy and reserved and Tony G is bold and extroverted, we believe they are both magnanimous individuals dedicated to raising money for charity. Good luck Tony and Peter!