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Givememyleg won’t be covering the Ultimate Bet Leaderboard this week, as he’s taking a much-needed vacation, and will be back next week. However, I’ll be filling in for him this week, bringing you the news on all the tournament action that has transpired on Ultimate Bet in the last week.

The common top player on Ultimate Bet – scottyclark – is nowhere to be seen on the current leaderboard for this week. He may be taking a week or two off, as the World Series of Poker is in full effect, and there’s millions to be won in Las Vegas right now. Here’s what the Top 10 look like for this week thus far.

rollemm 372.60
leaddogallin 209.73
wretchy 205.24
dankgambler76 203.86
iakamber 176.95
krej 173.76
Thanks4playN 162.95
triggathree 162.17
Riggsb14 158.16
theswan9999 155.25

Rollemm is riding atop the Ultimate Bet Leaderboard, running hot, with three wins this week, totalling over $13k! He’s going to have to watch out if he wants to hold onto the lead, as wretchy has been one of the hottest players online in the past few months, bar none. He’s been terrorizing high stakes tournaments over all major sites, and shows no signs of slowing down.

That’s all this week for the shortened version of the Ultimate Bet Leaderboard. If you’d like to take a look at today’s top players, check out Also, if you’d like to take a look at any other days, be sure to head over to and see any days you want.

Next week givememyleg will be back, delivering all the Ultimate Bet Leaderboard action once again.