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Another week has come and gone, and there is a new face to sit atop of the Ultimate Bet leaderboard; or perhaps it’s someone we’ve already seen before? Every week, Ultimate Bet awards its players with tournament credits and the chance to play heads up with a UB pro for $1,000 or more! For complete details of how and what you can win every week, see the first post of the UB Leaderboard by clicking here.

When we had last left off, we showed that GINO_THE_ELK had a slight lead over the rest of the pack with 296 points. However, all eyes were on the dominant scottyclark, who is no stranger to being on the UB leaderboard. Just one month ago, scottyclark beat out the rest of the competition and took down UB pro Shawn Rice for $3,000! He sat in 2nd place with 276 points, and only 20 points from the lead. It’s obvious he is a seasoned professional, as he has appeared in the top 10 more times than anyone else and is very consistent in his play. But now the question, could he take over the lead?

Well, when the week wrapped up, it was clear scottyclark wanted to go for 1st place again! Here were the final top 10 for the week (you can view up 50 places by viewing the UB Leaderboard May 19th Archive):

1 scottyclark 421.79 – $1,000 Heads-Up Match
2 mross01 407.51 – $100 TC
3 SGTSTEDANKOWV 388.71 – $100 TC
4 TABMD 331.01 – $100 TC
5 GINO_THE_ELK 301.27 – $100 TC
6 krej 255.69 – $100 TC
7 ENIGMA4U4ME 217.55 – $100 TC
8 bottsky 217.05 – $100 TC
9 bb77 214.30 – $100 TC
10 upayformynugs 205.28 – $100 TC

Well I’m not surprised that scottyclark got himself another TLB win, but wow! He earned himself an extra 145 points, which was enough to take first place over mross01 by only 14 points. Scottyclark is obviously a machine, as this is his second UB TLB win in the last month! He is scheduled to play UB pro Mark “P0ker H0” Kroon for $1,000 – and scottyclark doesn’t like to lose these matches! I’d put my money on scottyclark, but anything can happen and I’ll report details on this heads up match next week.

As for the rest of the pack, places 2 – 10 earned themselves $100 in tournament credits. Too bad for GINO_THE_ELK, as he could only earn 6 more points and fell to 5th place. Other players such as krej also dropped 1 position as he only netted one more point since my last post. The leaderboard didn’t change too much in the last couple days, but ENIGMA4U4ME, bottsky, bb77, and upayformynugs were able to just squeeze on the board and earn themselves $100. Congratulations to everyone and especially scottyclark!

As we move into a new week, we see a lot of new faces in the top 10 (as always, you can view up to 50 places in the May 21 Archive):

1    nibbler    154.73
2    psmoney     152.59
3    pubic heir     149.92
4    blizair     148.38
5    Duffman08     147.08
6    krej     145.08
7    jas0042     137.95
8    blazemunkey     135.93
9    count44     127.28
10    dry_benefit     111.08

Currently at the top sits nibbler, who has appeared on the top 10 before but never in first place.  Second through fifth are all making their debut on the leaderboards, and in sixth sits kerj, who had been in the top 10 all last week.  It’s still early and it is a very close race, there’s only 9 points separating 1st and 6th place!

Be sure to check back next Wednesday to see if scottyclark can do it again and take down another UB pro, and see if nibbler can hold on!